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Village Sheol


Glowing Redstone
Nov 30, 2014
Township name: Sheol
Mayor: Original_DD
Second-in-command: Raidenkoizuma, Truly7JellyBeans, Ebbingstrength

once apon a time there whas a highly rated civilacation. it had the best magic. the best poeple and the best mechanical prowers. but someday they made a flying castle above thier town. just to be able to get to all the places in the world without beighn scared for other poeple. but the gods did not like that one bit. they got jelous bequese the sky whas thier domain. and nobody except the gods could enter it. so the gods made a mist around the whole town of sheol. the mist made time loop. every day ended the same and every morning started the same. nobody died and nobody ever got hungry.

that whas 1000 years ago. it whas told in several childrens bedtime story's and eventualy my mom told me the story. i realy loved it and i believed it to. but someday there happened to come a mist all around our town. we lived in a small island town. nothing to special. but when the mist disapeared we saw it. the castle in the sky everyone told about. it whas real and right in front of me. i dont know what is going to happen to us now but now the mist is gone we are sure to find it out tomorow.
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