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See you all around! +suggestion ;)


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Apr 28, 2012
Dragon through ...
Hey good morning!

My group and I did not end up having a long stay but thanks to all those that made that stay enjoyable keeping us on our toes while we were here!

The server is great, I personally only play games that give you the rush of a full loot full pvp and I love how the Heroes mod works

So to all you hardcores out there, swords up and keep on killing!

As for our suggestion I would say trying to find a way to get a small group LWC right off the bat would probably keep a few more of the starting players on the server. Now I understand that LWC is a prize to work towards, and I fully endorse LWC as a prize. Unfortunately LWC is needed at the start, even if it only gives a few slots for placement. As much as anyone will say they are legit and say they wont cheat we all know there are plenty of people that still will. Orebfuscator can hide the Diamonds from the players using Xray but it does nothing for the hidden chests. Due to the inability to block Xray a small secure storage of some sort would help prevent the discouragement that comes from Xray.

I personally witnessed a player using Xray last night(although I did not realize it until about 45 minutes later) as a player ran directly from one of our randomly hidden chests to the next helping himself to over 40 hours(across 4 people) of time mining. My group had played most of the weekend to get enough money to get a LWC, but unfortunately due to hacking it was lost before we could try to sell it for the coin we needed.
From Ultima stepping up game after game up to Darkfall and onto Herocraft there is nothing "Hardcore" about hacking a game. Losing all your gear to a death or leading an enemy to your stash is a perfectly honest way to fail but someone bypassing the need to do that and hacking to acquire your goods just puts a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

For a quick answer to the normal questions I see on forums! ;0

No I did not report it - I saw the guy at a distance and hid. He was in Diamond/Chain and I am a level 11 naked with my picks and building materials. So although I saw him I did not see his name nor did I realize what was happening until it was to late.

I know it was Xray because my chests were in walls and floors that were layered in stone(not cobblestone) to make sure there was nothing conspicuous and that it blended in without issue.

No you can't "haz ur stuf" it can go to the void with us! =P

"godridenz go away nubs!!11!" Ok, see you around!


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Nov 7, 2011
Southern California
I would have still reported it. I do know there was an issue with another new player ((Not sure if he is with your group)) having a similar experience with possible x-ray and I do know a mod is reviewing it.

I wish you would stay however, it is sad to see new players leave because of a few jerks who like to exploit the game =(



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Adventure Team
Jan 7, 2011
The 7th Circle of Heaven
Chests are hidden, actually... its called proximity hider - chests will appear as air unless you are within 8 blocks of them.

It's easy to throw out the x-ray card - truth is, our anti-xray works very well and we have admins+ testing it to ensure that it doesnt happen.

Nothing is 100% when it comes to this game and that's why we have wonderful staff doing their best to keep the rift raft out.

Good luck