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Security Build - Needs input

Dec 18, 2012
Washington State, USA
I am trying to design a building and the focus of it is security. But as Minecraft becomes more complicated and Herocraft twisting things around even more, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep people out. So I am listing security ideas I have and was hoping to get feedback or ideas of your own on how to keep them at bay.

  • Exterior walls thicker than one block.
  • Insert a layer of lava inbetween layers.
  • Ensure there are no 'overhangs' for pearlers to climb and glitch into from below.
  • Corners must always be as thick as the walls.
  • Install a thin, but deep pit inbetween the ground and structure to prevent running at the building.
  • Install a half step on the other side to increase run difficulty.
  • Avoid using exterior wall blocks such as glass, fencing, doors, etc.
  • Multi-Stage airlock (with the interior walls as thick as exterior) to prevent breach.
  • Airlock flusher for when threats camp inside it.
  • Have sections separated by vertical floors
  • Emergency Lockdown for individual floors
  • Master Lockdown that affects all floors
  • Flashing redstone torches when lockdown is activated.
  • How far can one enderpearl through?
  • How does being inside lava effect their ability to get through?
  • Any ideas as to how I could purge an entire floor with certainty that the threat is eliminated?
  • Any glitches out there other than pearling?
  • Ideas on how to slow the threat down when you cannot stop him?