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Save the pwincess

Feb 5, 2014
Event - Save the princess

Pve event

Players will travel to a castle filled with mazes, mobs, traps.

Players must venture there way avoiding traps surviving mobs and not get lost in amaze (LOL in a maze GG NO RE) and at last get to a room deep within the dungeon where a dragon will be guarding the door the princess. The dragon will be a zo disguised as an enderdragon and will have 50k hp. The player who kills the dragon will get tp'ed or perms to the room where the princess (ME :D:D:D) will be at. Then the princess will give them a prize.

Thought of this 3 days ago but to lazy to post
Aug 18, 2014
It seems like a good idea, but make the dragons a bit less HP. I'm thinking 30-40K range. Perhaps 35K for a good balance.