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Realities of being


Legacy Supporter 8
Apr 28, 2012
Dragon through ...
Into The Essence,

A warm breeze blows from the west, across the tops of the high green grass in the field. The green stretching out to the edge of her vision in the tranquil valley. Eventually climbing the sides of huge, snowcapped mountains to the east and out to a shining sea to the west. The peacefulness and belonging she felt was only heightened by the sounds of water running down a large stream nearby and heading out to sea with no other sounds to dilute it.

She could not remember how long she had been there, nor did she feel compelled to think of it. The comfort of her earthy seat only brought here to relax even further. She just was, and it was all she felt she needed.

The valley itself swayed with the breeze as she sat there watching the flowers mixed into the grass change color as they were pulled back and forth in the wind. The bluish green skies darted with white puffy clouds seemed to roll on into infinity.

Time seemed to have no meaning in this place, nor did the past, or any future. Only that this perfect continued moment, which felt like it was the only thing that existed.

As the flowers were changing from a deep blue to a light purplish color, a huge cracking sound range out across the valley, startling her and making her jump. The sound tears out from the east and shots past her out to sea bring with it a change in the wind that turned the flowers white. Suddenly alert for what seems like the first time, searching the horizon for signs of the terrible sounds origin she did not see anything.

The moment of unease feels like its dragging on forever, as everything in the valley seems to have darkened a little. Once again out from the east another horrid sound, almost as if the sky itself was tearing, range out. Following the second sound a jagged black line shot across the sky following the noise out to sea. Almost immediately the sound blasts again, and the line through the sky tears open revealing a deep darkness. Within the center of the darkness she sees a blue and green globe coming closer, and in the darkness behind the globe she sees a blanket of small white lights from side to side.

A heartbeat later, the tear rips even larger shaking the whole valley with an ear shattering sound. Covering her ears in an attempt to quite the noise she sees the globe continue to grow until it covers the whole chasm in the sky. The globe continues to zoom inwards, with landmasses becoming easily visible and as they do the images go from bad to terrifying.

Oceans of conflict spread out in front of her as the globe spins in the chasm, creating a show of terror. She sees massive armies on the ground battling from side to side, as well as huge floating ships, dark and forbidding blasting away smaller ships that seem to be fleeing or attempting to defend those fleeing.

She feels unspeakable shock as her heart breaks and body trembles with the pain of the image before her.

She’s frozen in fear staring into the chasm, unable to move or look away when she hears a faint sound that seems to sing in her mind even over the screaming in her ears. The sound, although faint and unintelligible gave her the strength to look away from the dreadful scene. At the edge of her vision she can see a golden light seeming to speed towards her and inside of the light is the faint outline of a person.

In that moment the horrible sounds of the wars above disappear and the world is momentarily silent.

She hears a single word as the light speeds closer, “Orianna” followed by silence and darkness.