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[PvP] Soul Cannon

Aug 31, 2011
Soul Cannon - A TNT cannon that reduces the power of a town when it fires by 1 every 10 minutes. This works so long as the cannon is in range, and it doesn't matter if the tnt actually hits the town. A Soul Cannon will take 30 minutes to charge up before it can begin firing. If the Soul Cannon has been active for a day then it will increase it's rate of fire to 1 every 8 minutes. If it has been active for 2 days then it will increase rate of fire to 1 every 6 minutes. Soul cannons can only be built on the surface and must be within 50 blocks of the town they are shooting at.

Type: Structure, Size: 7x7

Research Cost: $2000, Build Cost: $600

Requires: 8 obsidian, 4 furnace, 6 redstone, 4 tnt, 1 water, 1 lever

Must be built in a town or outpost.

Protections: none (relies on Outposts for protections)
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