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[PvP]/[PvE] A Tournament Among Heroes

Jul 6, 2013

Violence encompasses the land of Citadel as the powers inhabiting it clash together. These powers are the heroes, and only one question lingers in the backs of their minds, "Who is truly The Best?" Upon this thought an agreement was struck, and they would soon know the answer to this question. They created a Tournament of Heroes where many will enter and none will leave unscathed, but one will be crowned The Best.

What's Happening Here:

In an event world there will be 5 circular arenas complete with different themes and purposes.
The largest will simply be a boss arena where groups of people can enter to defeat a powerful boss which spawns every hour. This boss will have be designed to be taken on by about 10-20 people at once depending on their level, which I do not think is an unrealistic amount of people based on the number of people who play at one time. These people would be between lv 20 and 60, and the boss will drop about 5-10 different items of varying scale. This will add to the sense of accomplishment of those who get things of real value and encourage those who did not to try again.
The real purpose of this event. The original idea was to have arenas for varying numbers of people, but I could not possibly figure out how it could work. So instead there will be 3 1v1 arenas with varying themes (jungle, canyon, cave) and 1 Free-For-All arena (Arena-themed). At first I was not sure how you would have only 1 person enter at one time without supervision. The system would involve some finagling of teleporting, area permissions, and engineering. Basically there will be 1 pressure plate in each of two entrances to the arena, and when someone is standing on each pressure plate at the same time they will be teleported to designated spots in the arena. I am almost certain this could be done. The two people could then fight, whoever kills the other will instantly receive specified loot and when the area detects only one person remaining that person will be teleported out. When someone dies in the arena they will keep their things and be teleported to the entrance of the event. The Free-For-All is much simpler. Click on a sign, teleport in, kill as many people as you can.

Design Details:

It will have a fairly simple design. The outside of the arenas will be circles reminiscent of the walls of the spawn city with stands inside and then the actual arena. Go crazy with the theme designs. There's not really much else to design sadly.


There will be various pieces of gear for each class that are of above average quality with a few rare epic quality pieces. The main reward will be the title The Best to the person with the most kills in the arena. There will be some problems with people cheating (Two people agreeing to have one kill the other a lot to get the title), and so if a player can screenshot evidence of this and post it on the forums, or a staff member spots it then they will be disqualified from the competition for the title. Odds are if someone can cheat enough to make a difference they will be spotted over the course of the event.

1. An organized PvP event
2. People will get good gear
3. Occupy their time
4. Lively competition among the best PvPers
5. Fairly simple to make circular arenas
1. Pain to set up entrance mechanism
2. Possibility of cheating (I have also heard rumors of hackers)

If this is impossible to do I will just apologize ahead of time. I think this would be a fun event for everyone, but especially for the more PvP-focused players, and it will be a great competition for the title of The Best.