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ALERT PvE Revamp in progress!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by xexorian, Aug 15, 2017.

By xexorian on Aug 15, 2017 at 3:14 PM
  1. xexorian

    xexorian Admin ZeeZo Staff Member Moderator Architect Boss Scripter

    Apr 7, 2011
    Trophy Points:
    Greetings, Heroes!

    Today I have a rather large update to push to the Townships/Live server. This is a Huge revamp of the Dungeons PVE system! Below I will list off as many of the balance changes and additions, as well as some of what's coming next! As for the future, I will list the upcoming changes first, since those are much shorter. I hope you guys enjoy these changes and I look forward to seeing more feedback from you in-game or through discord. This update is so large in-fact, I implore any Heroes in the Nexus to please use the /petition system to create bug reports for me, as I actively work to iron it out.

    First up, upcoming changes. With the addition of my third iteration of our Dungeons project I have implemented a lot of new skills, but some of the old disguises are broken or missing textures, plus I feel that even with 35+ mob skills now, we could use a lot more animations and sounds with each faction and specific ideas I had in mind while doing the more mechanical fixes and changes.

    Some of these include new creature-type skills, as well as themed faction skills, and even boss skills. You guys might want to expect to see some more mob types coming in the future, like Knights riding mounts, and "Anomalies". On another hand, we may also be trying to do some very meta-level skill related stuff, which could take some more work, but I've got plans to test the feasibility of this stuff before revealing further details! So stay tuned! :)

    • Lastly, here are the patch notes for Dungeons 3.0! (as I can get to them, and recall specifically.)
    • All mobs now have scalable drops, and stats.
    • All mob skills now scale with mob level
    • Mob Health has been adjusted across all tiers. Roughly speaking T1 Minions have around 500 Base Health, and T6 Bosses have around 5000 Base Health.
    • Mob Damage has been nerfed across all tiers. Several dozens of mobs had incorrect damage values.
    • Ranged mobs are now more interesting, and less dangerous.
    • Some factions now spawn riding Mounted horses. These horses slow (trample) you when they're damaged. They're easy EXP, but they despawn over time. Take them out quick!
    • New skills have been added to the repository of global mob skills. Some old skills have been shuttered.
    • All mobs now have halved immunity frames. Specifically, they can take damage once per 5 ticks, instead of once per 10. This is to encourage more party play, and to help solo players in the same breathe. I feel this is a good setting for action combat.
    • All mobs have had extraneous damage modifiers removed. They now all take full void and fall damage for example. Be wary of your surroundings, less mother nature steal your EXP!
    • All mobs have had new globally scaling skills added back to them. These include, but are not limited to;
    Doppleganger, Jump, GreaterJump, Leap, TeleportSelf, Dodge, TeleportTarget, TeleportNearby, MinorThrow, Throw, Bite, Crush, Ignition, Howl, SearingBite, WitherBite, Slash, ChaosSlash, Puncturearrow, Witherarrow, Firearrow, Witherwave, Fireball, Witherfire, MeteorStorm, Healself, Healother, InflictPain, Corruption, and more!
    • All mobs AI target goals and selectors should now be correct. Wolves should now leap at their targets, archers and ranged mobs should now act more dodge-y.
    • All mobs options, including speed, knockback resist, angriness, age, colors, types, and many others should all be correct.
    • All the Ninja mobs should now display their names correctly.
      Most mobs with improper mobtypes have been correct. I may have missed a few, please petition them if you find them!
    • All mobs now drop Relics, but all the relics recipes have not yet be fully implemented for new classes. (Please be patient, I'm working on it!)
    • All mobs now drop cooked foods, elites drop potions, rares drop good potions, and I removed those pesky iron items!
    • T4 Bosses have a 0.00001% chance, T5 bosses have a 0.0001% chance and T6 bosses have a 0.001% chance of dropping an apex of time. All mobs have a super-rare 1 in 1,000,000 chance of dropping an Apex of Time.
    • All mobs drop tables have been adjusted drastically. Money drops now have proper tables, rarity chances, and more.
    • Soul drops have been adjusted across the board.
    • Tomes have been migrated into rare loot tables for bosses among different tiers.
    • Several less useful potions have been removed from droptables. Specifically, splash potions, and say, things like potion of poison. Many potions like Regeneration II, Fire Immunity 8mins, and others like Instant Health now drop from mobs specifically Elites and Bosses!
    • Etc...
    To get anymore specific, would well, require a lot more writing, so I'll keep it this short for now; If anyone has specific questions or concerns please feel free to voice them. Overall the entire PvE experience has been drastically changed. Mobs are now far more interesting and far more rewarding to farm. I wish you luck heroes, and please help me squash any remaining bugs/issues out of this new system by creating a /PE NEW MSG at the location! Be specific, and please tell your friends about us!

    Thank you for being a part of the Herocraft Online community!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by xexorian, Aug 15, 2017.

    1. radicater11
      I'd like to clarify this is only part of the grander revamp, which we are rolling out in waves up to the final day of the timer. Make sure to get on and try the new mobs!
    2. Yeetrium2
      We've desperately needed this. Thanks Xexo!
    3. Boomer779
      Thanks for sending out this update it's really appreciated. Any news on a PvP update, town update, and or a rule update?
    4. radicater11
      I want it to be kept under wraps for now, but just expect every class to be viable again.
    5. Boomer779
      Ok, so how about towns and rules do we have any finite changes to those? It seems like rules in particular are the most unclear thing in the game.
    6. radicater11
      I can't speak for the rules, but I can certainly ask some of the admins to chat about them. As for towns, what's wrong with them? I have no issues with our current town system, and I believe it's actually quite good compared to past iterations.
    7. Boomer779
      Yes, i would agree as well. Wondering just about claim blocks, price, etc.
    8. Yavool
      @xexorian Please disable TNT on HC permanently so that PVE players can actually have towns be secure, and allow PVP to thrive through other means akin to how it was a few years back. <3

      Thank you,

    9. J2BH
      God bless.
      I would say this wouldve gone great with a reset, but 2 many resets no gud.
      Thank you, good work.
    10. ChazzaMaGazza
      you fucking pve finatics are what killed this server, if you invested half the time you spent coding these stupid mob skills for example, maybe the server would have more then 10 players.
    11. radicater11
      PvP changes are coming, just needed the full time for testing and coding.
    12. MunchlaxHero
      shut up zezo
    13. MunchlaxHero
      silly charlie a whole lot more than the fucking pve finatics killed this server

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