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Suggestion Possible Changes For Later Date Reset


Glowing Redstone
May 18, 2013
I've been reading the lore for a short bit, sounds like obtaining spells for use would give players a purpose, which is what many new players are asking about. If the server can manage to bring in more players and more people are available to build the trials to obtain such spells. Then another restart wouldn't be too bad, players would be directed to improve by skill and not solely with skills. The times i remember was the basic classes such as caster and rogue and etc. if the trials were a type of leveling system simmilar to that of quests how parties cant work together for them, and have to kill twice asmany, and the bosses respawn takes ages which makes them compete for the kill. (What im saying since im unsure if its making sense is that, The trials are quests themselves and the reward is a spell that is based on the class choice. Preventing players from carrying weaker ones would be a great factor into improving them, how that would be done i don't know. Do remember this isn't a question that needs to be taken seriously like explaining how it would be done to me)

Keeping the four categories


players will choose not what they want to be at the start, but they want to eventually become, based on the choice of category they choose, and obtaining the spells that set them down the path they wish to obtain, allowing for more variety in the classes of players and each having the spells that suit what they enjoy doing the most. Such as Pvp, building, minning, farming, dungeons, etc.

(In my opinion I think the spells that the players obtain should have level restrictions or stat requirements depending on how they are to be obtained, if based on stats then stat allocation may be important to give players more choice. If level requirement Dungeons may still prove to be important other than boss loot and rare gear)

This suggestion, would mean that custom classes would exist and class names wouldnt be able to explain what skills a player has, but only the path they took. Using something like /hero info kainzo they should see the players path, the spells and the restrictions.

My little warning
Please note its 1:32 am im tired, ive been eating craisins (dried cranberries), chocolate and my sanity.
Then again this may be when i am most sane, under these circumstances.

No i have no clue what the limits are and what much truly means, I just know it would be hell for architechts and maybe a challenge for the dev team and all that, scratch that it'll be something for your staff to do.

Suggestion Continues

Skills would need to be reworked if spells are going to rule it all.

If this the case for the players class, *was going to say why not merge class and profession, but that seems wrong, maybe just to me*

Do comment on this as im currently thinking colours and shapes and barely numbers and letters aand hopefully not fruits and vegetables. So yes with the last fleeting moments of whats left of me i say this, Give feedback its important that subjects get discussed so we can chisel at them until we get what the server needs. Also please dont comment about small things like how i havent collapsed and how im even typing still.. (it took me an hour or more for this and i went and re read it, i cant make sense of anything and my music is just static to me now). There are probably more things to be said, i feel ive said that already but still, So yes ask what i mean by some things and hopefully i remember writing this. Otherwise were all screwed as i completely disregard caution, safety and reasoning as i jump into the tornado of my bloodied mind. Help me!!!
Feb 22, 2012
While I appreciate the suggestion, I'm going to have to just say this outright: we are not fundamentally changing one of the core aspects of Herocraft, especially because doing this with leveling has already alienated a large part of our previous devoted playerbase. The current system is fine, and is actually balanceable. I promise you that when the intended changes do come around, it will be unnecessary to do anything else.