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Port Royal - [Recruiting!]


Legacy Supporter 8
Nov 22, 2013
When did you join Herocraft?About 1 Month Ago
When did you start playing Minecraft?About A Year Ago
Did you read all of the town rules?Yes
Previous Towns/Guilds?Frosbakken
Why did you leave the previous Town/Guild(s)?It Wasn't Really Me
Class/Profession | Level:None; Level 18 Soul, Level 23 Crafter
What can you contribute to Port Royal?Some Help With Mining And Building(Plus I got Some Diamonds An dI don't Like DIamonds)
Why do you want to join Port Royal?Sounds Like A fun Place
How many hours are you able to be on HC per week?About 14
Do you have a mic and/or are able to use Teamspeak?No
How did you hear about Port Royal?I Checked Town List
Additional Info:
Just curious - are you whitelisted?