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Suggestion Passive for all classes?

Aug 22, 2016
I know some classes have passives which I've been told, I don't have much in depth knowledge within this game but what I do know is that there isn't passive for all classes. I think having a passive for that class makes it extremely unique since some classes has similar movesets. Maybe the passive can affect the moveset in such a way, though you have the same moves such as fireball or cleave, what if there was some type of passive which makes you use that move in such a different way?
Here some passives I've listed below:

Wizard: Below 25% mana it regens 2 twice has fast
Samurai: Charges build over time into more powerful attacks (max 2)
Runeblade: Each time you use the move 'Flash', all cool downs are 1 second lower
Beguiler: People who are in Beguile receive 25% dmg from all spells from the caster
Hydromancer: Mana regens twice as fast in water
Geomancer: All spells are 10% off cool down when used on dirt, stone, and cobble stone
Cleric: Gain speed II for 2 seconds each time someone is healed

Thank you for reading this thread, this is my first thread so, this is my cake day I guess? Have a wonderful day/night