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Greetings, feel free to post a thread here to introduce yourself, read below for more information!

Posted by @whiteninja1970
When you join the server for the first time, you will be summoned at the Heroes Landing(On the Central World). You should've had a couple of starting tools and an enchanted book as a starter kit when you first join the server. The enchanted book contains many helpful information of most of the server mechanics. You can still go through the Tutorial, which is just up ahead from where you originally spawned from, to learn basic knowledge of the server(Class Specializations/Professions, Graveyards, etc..). If you lost the enchanted book, you can always get it back by doing the command '/bookrules get 1' to get an enchanted book which will explain many of the server mechanics.


In order to do ANYTHING in the server such as place/destroy blocks, you must be registered. To register,
  1. Make a forum account by typing in 'hc.to/signup' in your URL bar, make sure to use a forum name that is the EXACT same as your in-game name.
  2. In-game, type in '/register' with your email address you used for your forum account in the bracket.

    Server Worlds

    At the Central World(the world you are spawned on in your first entry to the server) is where the Trade District, Exchange, and the four boats leading to other worlds(PvP, PvE, FFA, and RPG - Note that FFA and RPG have not been released yet) are located at. In the PvP world, player killing and stealing from chests are allowed but griefing is not. In the PvE world, player killing is not allowed with a few exceptions and stealing from chests are allowed but griefing is still not allowed(To learn more about specific PvE rules concerning player killing, type in the URL 'hc.to/pverules'

    The Exchange is located at the Trade District(0x, 0z coordinates wise) where you will exchange your Soul Shards for the server currency 'Souls.' Killing mobs and mining ores have a chance of dropping Soul Shards, the physical item of our currency. You will trade these Soul Shards at the Exchange by left clicking the specific Chestshop signs for a specific Soul Shard
    (There are Tiny Soul Shards, Small Soul Shards, Small Soul Fragments, and Large Soul Fragments - From left to right is from common chance of dropping to rare chance of dropping). There is also a VERY rare chance of killing mobs/mining ores dropping the
    Soul of a Great Hero. You can also sell this at the Exchange for about 250 souls. To learn more about how money works, type in your URL 'hc.to/money'

    Levels and items transfer between PvE and PvP worlds, so you can start out at the PvE world first and if you think you're ready you can go to the PvP world. If you have any more questions, feel free to join the channel '/ch help' or '/ch tour.' I hope you have an enjoyable experience on our server, and once again, Welcome to Herocraft!

    Other Helpful Stuff

    This is some of the Herocraft short links you can visit by typing it in your URL bar.
    • hc.to/signup - Links you to registering an forum account.
    • hc.to/wiki - The HeroCraft Wiki.
    • hc.to/faq - Frequently Asked Questions
    • hc.to/rules - A list of HeroCraft rules.
    • hc.to/commands - List of most of the commands that you can access.
    • hc.to/money - Information about how Money works on this server.
    • hc.to/towns - A list of Town Threads you can check out if you're interested in joining a town
    • hc.to/pverules - Specific PvE rules concerning player killing.
    • hc.to/vote - A list of all our voting sites, you can earn Souls and EXP by voting.
    • hc.to/store - The HeroCraft store, you can buy things like Titles, EXP Boosts, etc.. for real life money.

    These are general chats you can visit(Visit http://herocraftonline.com/wiki/Category:Rules#Chat_Rules for Chat Rules):
    • /ch o - OffTopic Channel, a channel you can talk on that is off topic from other channels. Keep it appropriate please.
    • /ch h - Help Channel, a channel to ask questions on
    • /ch trade - Trade Channel, a channel for trading items and other things. You cannot scam people once on a deal once it is confirmed in this chat.
    • /ch tour - Tour Channel, a channel for new players to ask questions or chat on.
    • /ch re - Recruitment Channel, a channel ask to join a town.
    • /ch shout - Anyone within 100 blocks will hear your messages in this channel.
    • /ch local - Anyone within a short distance from you will hear your messages in this channel
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