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Mod Application: Delta788


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Community Manager
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Aug 10, 2011
  1. Minecraft IGN: Delta788
  2. Position applying for: Mod
  3. Age|Timezone: Age 24, CST (GMT-6)
  4. How long have you been on Herocraft?: I have been on hero craft for 5 years soon to be 6 in April
  5. Why do you think you would make a good mod?:

    My past mod and admin experiences are quite lengthy so if you don't read it all I understand. I have been gaming for seven years and have had mod/admin roles in various games/clans for about 5 years now. Now to start from the beginning.

    I started off in a multi-gaming clan for battlefield 2/CnC Zero Hour, and after about a year of running with them was promoted to a TeamSpeak admin. After about 3 months I had become an admin for all servers affiliated with the clan. I then moved to a different BF2 clan after the leader of my old clan decided to take all the donations and run with them. I ran with my new BF2 clan for a few years and as games progressed so did the clan, after being there for a bit I became an admin in-game and am currently a higher up. I still game with the same group of guys but they do not have BF4 and are not planning on getting it.

    Now moving on a bit more, I have also been an admin on several MapleStory private servers and have even ran a few myself. it is not something that I like to admit but at the time I was playing them to expand my knowledge of Java as a developer for the servers. Being a Dev/Owner of a MapleStory private server gave me a lot of experience in dealing with immature and younger gamers (11-16 average age) even though to the average person they can be annoying.

    My next big admin position I did was on Garry’s Mod. I joined a community ended up helping one of the dev’s fix a few things on one of their servers and got admin within two weeks. Shortly after getting admin the section leader stepped down and I was promoted to section leader. I put tons of work into helping the community and the servers get better as time went on. Sadly I left the community after the owner (who was Bi-Polar) decided to rage ban half of the community for no reason.

    I was Co-leader of a clan on Combat arms / Maplestory, sadly as time went on the clan membership declined since we kept changing games. There are about four of us left running the clan tags on one or two games but the clan no longer is an active clan in some of these games we can’t change names or they cost money to do so.

    I ran my own small community about three years ago, but due to some real life issues I had to pass leadership on to one of my upper management. Sadly he let the power go to his head and ran the community into the ground.

    I took a small break from gaming and when I came back I found out about League of Legends. I started playing in tournaments in a community and after a few months playing in the community, I was made an Organizer and eventually an Admin. I was Admin there for a very long time but once LoL got rid of prizing we shut down the community. They tried to do a Minecraft server but could not get the devs behind it.

    With all of that being said I feel that I have a vast knowledge and adaptability when it comes to dealing with delicate and spur of the moment situations. I also have a very high tolerance when it comes to dealing with the younger crowd.
  6. Additional info you would like to tell us?:
    I have played on HeroCraft off and on for a very long time, this time I am looking to stay on the server and I feel like the server could use some more active moderators. Some of the current Mods I have yet to see and I play all hours a day averaging 6 or 7 hours a day. I have very good knowledge of the server and Heroes Classes. Not only do I have a lot of online experience when it comes to helping people, I also have a lot of real life experience to go along with it, If you want more information on that I can PM it to whoever reviews my application.

    Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my application - Delta
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