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Mod App: AshieIsTrashie

Jun 11, 2018
1. Minecraft IGN: AshieIsTrashie

2. Position applying for: Mod

3. Age|Timezone: 16 | Pacific

4. How long have you been on Herocraft?: Ever since Late 2014, Early 2015, on and off though. (This forum account is fairly new, sadly.)

5. Why do you think you would make a good mod?:
I believe I would be a good mod because I tend to find ways to interact with the community and I also help out those who do tend to come me, trying my best to make sure they get the info they wanted to hear/know. I'm also fairly active, and I really enjoy the exprience when I'm on HC, the fun times, the 'scary' times and the enjoyable times. I want players to enjoy this server to it's full extent, thus is why I want to be a Mod, and help out as much.

6. Any prior experience moderating servers/projects?: I do have some exprience, though it was on a rather small (now dead) server.

7. Additional info you would like to tell us?: I have a lot of free time, despite me not being completely finishing school yet which means I can be on almost all day. I'm also very understandable too, so, even if I do not end up getting this position, I would understand that is for a reason, being a mod is a very important role and must being taken seriously at all times, thus if it may seem like I do lack of something; skill, time, etc. then i will do my best to fix that.