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How To Mob Balance Revamp


Admin ZeeZo
Retired Staff
Apr 7, 2011
I'm going to work on all the MythicMob droptables and mobs over the next week.

The idea is to balance mob HP with EXP rewards by the following table:
T1 = 10HP per 1EXP (This is roughly a 225% increase from current)
T2 = 9HP per 1EXP (This was entirely broken.)
T3 = 8HP per 1EXP (This is roughly a 200% increase from current)
T4 = 7HP per 1EXP (This is roughly a 150% increase from current)
T5 = 6HP per 1EXP (This is roughly a 100% increase from current)
T6 = 5HP per 1EXP (This is roughly a 47% increase from current)

This means that earlier levels will be grinding out much more EXP per mob kill than previously. T2 won't be worthless anymore.

I also want to adjust the loot tables for all mobs by the following amounts:

T1M = 0.5% Chance of T1 Armor
T1E = 1% Chance of T1 Armor, 0.25% Chance of T2 Armor
T1B = 3.3% Chance of T2 Armor, 0.50% Chance of T3 Armor

T2M = 0.45% Chance of T2 Armor
T2E = 0.9% Chance of T2 Armor, 0.24% Chance of T3 Armor
T2B = 3.3% Chance of T3 Armor, 0.50% Chance of T4 Armor

T3M = 0.40% Chance of T3 Armor
T3E = 0.80% Chance of T3 Armor, 0.22% Chance of T4 Armor, 0.005% Chance of Shop Item
T3B = 3.3% Chance of T4 Armor, 0.50% Chance of T5 Armor, 0.05% Chance of Shop Item

T4M = 0.35% Chance of T4 Armor
T4E = 0.70% Chance of T4 Armor, 0.20% Chance of T5 Armor, 0.005% chance of Shop Item, 0.005% Chance of Apex of Time
T4B = 3.2% Chance of T5 Armor, 0.45% Chance of T6 armor, 0.1% Chance of Shop Item, 0.1% Chance of Apex of Time

T5M = 0.28% Chance of T5 Armor
T5E = 0.56% Chance of T5 Armor, 0.15% Chance of T6 Armor, 0.01% Chance of Shop Item, 0.01% Chance of Apex of Time
T5B = 3.1% Chance of T6 Armor, 1% Chance of Shop Item, 1% Chance of Apex of Time

T6M = 0.20% Chance of T6 Armor
T6E = 0.30% Chance of T6 Armor, 0.1% Chance of Shop Item, 0.1% Chance of Apex of Time
T6B = 3.00% Chance of T6 Armor, 3% Chance of Shop Item, 3% Chance of Apex of Time

@Admins @Moderators

Currently T6 Bosses have a 1.5% chance to drop Apex of time.
Currently T5 Bosses have a 3% chance to drop Shop Items.

This will spread out the shop/apex rewards to be *slightly* more common, and at least noticeable. Given that we currently have 30-40 players (at best from what I can tell) who are active, we may not have a lot grinding. When suddenly people notice these changes (and after a patch notes announcement) we can also adjust these later for drop events.

IE: Entire Month of July = Summer Shopping Event! 2x Shop item droprates!
IE: Entire Month of October = Fall Festival Event! 2x Apex item droprates!
IE: Entire Month of December = Winter Event! 2x Armor droprates in T4-T6 Dungeons!

Also, I am curious if we should add MONEY to drop tables. I could see it like so:

T4M = 0.1% chance of 1-3 Gold nugget
T4E = 1% chance of 1-3 Gold nugget, 0.1% 1 Gold bar, 0.001% Gold block
T4B = 10% chance of 10-30 Gold nugget, 5% 1-2 Gold bar, 0.01% Gold block

T5M = 0.1% chance of 1-4 Gold nugget, 0.05% 1 Gold bar
T5E = 1% chance of 1-4 Gold nugget, 0.1% 1-2 Gold bar, 0.005% Gold block
T5B = 10% chance of 15-35 Gold nugget, 5% 1-3 Gold bar, 0.05% Gold block

T6M = 0.1% chance of 2-5 Gold nugget, 0.05% 1-2 Gold bar, 0.001% Gold block
T6E = 1% chance of 2-5 Gold nugget, 0.1% 1-3 Gold bar, 0.01% Gold block
T6B = 10% chance of 20-40 Gold nugget, 5% 1-4 Gold bar, 0.1% Gold block

If you run simulations like so
10,000 T4M = 10x 1-3 Nuggets = 20 Nuggets
10,000 T4E = 100x 1-3 Nuggets, 10x Gold Bar = 200 Nuggets, 10 Gold Ingots, and rare chance of 1 Gold block.
10,000 T4B = 1000x 10-30 Nuggets, 500x 1-2 Gold bar = 2000 Nuggets, 250 Gold Ingots, 1 Gold block
Keep in mind T4 Bosses are on a long timer. This is unfeasible.

10,000 T6M = 10x 2-5 Nugget, 10x 1-2 Gold Bar, 0.5 Gold block
10,000 T6E = 100x 2-5 Nugget, 10x 1-3 Gold bar, 1 Gold block
10,000 T6B = 1000x 20-40 Nugget, 500x 1-4 Gold bar, 10x Gold block
So, while the bosses look impressive, there's only 1-4 spawners out there, each on separate cooldowns, but all are 10-15 minutes. so 10 minutes x 10,000 / 4 = 416 hours of grinding (assuming 4 spawners, and on cooldown every 10minutes)

416 Hours of mining would probably yield a hell of a lot more than 10 gold blocks and 500 ingots. Just saying. I used to fund a kingdom. This would just be a little extra incentive for the community to fight for spots. And allow us to create another event where we swap a config and goldrates double for a while. Things like that. Or we could add T4 droprates to T1-3 for a few weeks.


Admin ZeeZo
Retired Staff
Apr 7, 2011
Just had another idea! We can also increase night-time droprates by 25% or so, using clever loot table mechanics called Conditions. This way monsters are more valuable at night time. We can also increase their night-time EXP rates by like 50% with this method in dungeons.


Admin ZeeZo
Retired Staff
Apr 7, 2011
Also just to note, I will have to adjust mob HP values, so this will give me a good opportunity to balance anything that needs it outside of the idea behind HP=EXP (for linear curving of EXP difficulties.) In some cases this means mob HP might average 100 or so higher than it was before, in others it could be lower.


Admin ZeeZo
Retired Staff
Apr 7, 2011
My plan is to normalize mob health a bit more than it is currently, since there are %'s I went off of at arbitrary reasons to separate mobs out from each other statistically in the past. Now that we're aiming for efficiency and a revised EXP system that's better for leveling faster, I can come up with some new math behind it, and revise those % differences to something flat like,
T1 Minions = 500 HP, T2 Minions = 750 HP, T3 Minions = 1250, T4 Minions = 1500, T5 Minions = 2000, T6 Minions = 2500 HP

However, because of this baseline change, the EXP rates will be drastically different than before. Most of these mobs were given more than 20 Health per 1 EXP point. Now we intend to change that down to an average of 7.5. So while, the overall difficulty may change a bit, the in game speed at which it's gained is increased significantly. Grinding will be a lot easier for levels, and with new possible rewards coming, I think this is a good time to introduce expanded loots for everyone including non-pvpers. (T4 and below.) Although they would be included on good drops at a much much slower rate than PVP enabled areas.