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ALERT Mob Arenas & Items Additions: 10/12/18

Jun 19, 2012
It's an exciting week for Herocraft
On 10/12/18 at 7PM we will be implementing Mob Arenas. These arenas are going to add another way for players and groups to level. Lets go over some of the key details of the mob arenas that you as players will need to know.

Limited Arenas

These arenas will be different from day to day. These Arenas Are...

Monday: Crystal Arena (Level 40+) - The Bosses have a great chance of dropping a Gem Coffer

Tuesday: Slime Arena (Level 25+) - This arena will have what it sounds like slime enemies. What makes this arena interesting is how normal slimes will drop lots of exp but the magma will drop coins. So this will be a great way for you players to get some of that much needed currency.

Wednesday: Eternal Arena (Level 50+) - The Bosses in this arena will drop a new item "The Fragment of Zo" guaranteed. Players will be able to exchange these Fragments for a Zo Coffer.

Thursday: The Repairing Arena (Level 25+) - This arena will have some mobs that will drop Repair orbs.

Friday: Gauntlet Arena (Level 1+) - This arena will be quite unique in the fact that you can solo this dungeon. Each wave will consist of enemies from each tier of dungeons starting at tier 3. The waves will get progressively harder up until tier 6. After you complete each tier you will earn a coffer.

Now you may be wondering "What about Saturday & Sunday?". That's where we have some exciting news for you.
Every arena will be available on those two days.

Restrictions for Limited Arenas
- All arenas except the gauntlet can be done with up to 4 players. Gauntlet is a Solo Only Arena.
- You can only do 3 Arenas per day. When the weekend comes around you will have your choice of which arenas you want to do but your still limited to the 3 per day rule.

Normal Arenas (These arenas will be released at a later date.)
These arenas will be based on Tier 3+ Dungeons & can be played solo or with up to four other players. Some key things to note about these arenas are...
- Recommended Level 15+ depending on the tier of the Arena.
- Increased mob exp.
- It costs coin to enter.
- You may do these arenas an unlimited amount of times.
- Upon defeating the Arena Boss, every player in your group will receive a coffer.

Some details are still being ironed out for these arenas. We will update you before we release them.

Challenge Arenas (These arenas will be released at a later date.)
These are by far the Hardest Arenas we will offer. These arenas will offer unique rewards. Some key things to note about these arenas are...
- Recommended Level 50+.
- They will only be around for up to a month.
- They will drop arena exclusive gear. Once the arena goes away you will be unable to get the gear.
- Each piece of gear will only drop once per person.

Frequently Ask Questions
When will the arenas reset? - They reset at Midnight Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).
Will you provide gear for us? - You must provide your own gear.
What if I die in the arena? Will I lose all my stuff? - You wont lose your gear when dying in the arenas.
How do I check how many plays I have left for the day? - Do /harena plays.

Items can now be deconstructed with a ITEM CRUSHER that allows players to gain "essences" of the type of rarity the item was.
- Parry is now available on defensive gear
- Gems are now more effective and can have better stats.
- Various item fixes
- Lutes now have a different right-click effect.
- You can combine Rarity Essences to get more Coffers.

Any questions just ask :)

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