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LordSinnerBlades Application


Glowing Redstone
Feb 4, 2012
  1. In-game name:LordSinnerBlade
  2. Location & Age:Texas, 18
  3. Previous Bans (Includes other servers):None
  4. Referral(s):None
  5. Reason you should be accepted:I like helping villages with selling so i can help some people, also I can bring justice to those wicked rkers!
  6. How did you hear about Herocraft?:Youtube
  7. Have you voted for Herocraft? (No? Click here)?: No
  8. Additional Info: I get along well with others if there friendly, Im soon also going to be inviting a friend into MC so we can play together on servers like these, When i Finish school im going to become a scripter for Blizzard, i have problems with my eyes and thats pretty much all i can say...
Sep 15, 2011
New York

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- Use the proper application format
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- Lengthen your application
- Check your grammar/spelling
- DO NOT just re-post your previous application
- Make a great first impression

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