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Let's bring Herocraft back

Nov 21, 2019
Yo guys. Server looks dead but people still waiting for HC to come back. Let's bring it back!

"But the server's dead"

There's atleast 20-30 people that would probably play right now if some activity was clear and we just indicated staff are trying to patch it up and continuously provide activity n events n shit. I was talkin to Kain about this and we wanna start recruiting new staff and people who are interested in pitching in to help manage the server and bring it back to being active. What is currently needed are

-Staff who can work on the back end of the site to help fix any issues (There's also a issue rn where registering doesn't let you get a confirmation email sent)
-Staff or people willing to help spread the server out and advertise it.
-Anyone who can help fix any coding issues/issues with the systems in place
-Probably balance team n shit n + IG Mods

There's probably more I may not be touching on right now but for now this is the base of it. I wanna start advertising the server more and really spread it out but I'm just one dude lol and it'd be great if we could put together people who can handle each part of what's needed. We can definitely recruit more people into the server as we go and build up the community we once had, but only if people pitch in.
Feb 19, 2017
The server looks wonderful from far away
the only thing i see it needs (with my ignorant and limitted POV) is an actual player base
i can advertise to attract a few people and will like to know who´s also willing to push the snowball
Feb 19, 2017
I am an old player that was looking to return. Why is the server dead? Is something wrong with it?
The server itself is wonderful full of misteries and literally infinite possibilities
the thing i see is that people loves to play with other people but they don´t find them, so they leave "until" they see new activity
all it needs from my POV is a little push in advertising, im willinfully going to do that and other heroes seem to be pushing the snowball too so we can expect a rise in players