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Legiantisopod's ban appeal

Jan 27, 2017
IGN: legiantisopod
Banned by: @MoeJunur
Time of ban:7-04-2016
Reason for ban: Illegal client mods
Your story: I had built a skybase in the middle of nowhere, and after awhile i got sick of having to stack up to it, so i installed a fly mod, to make it easier to go up/down, i never used combat hacks/x ray or anything like that, and it wont happen again, i never meant to do anything wrong, I was just impatient.


Staff member
Tier 9
May 1, 2011
South Louisiana
At this time your character will not be unbanned, the admins can review and discuss, and make the final decision.

Modifying your game Client
These are prohibited:
  • Hacks such as Xrays, movement (fly, runspeed, etc.) and camera hacks, improved combat mods, auto-clickers, reach hacks, aimbot and kill aura
  • Entity radar
  • 3rd party bot programs
  • Any mod that changes the use of inventory or gameplay or that gives any kind of unfair advantage in PVP or PVE.
  • Afk macroing
    • This includes using any macro mod feature, such as Loop, or any external action or modification to your game that enables your character to perform actions (ie using skills, moving, hitting blocks, hitting entities or players) while you are not present at the keyboard.