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Suggestion Knockback ressistance

Feb 1, 2014
Knockback ressistance on armor is fucking insane.

not taking knockback from arrows/all melee attacks/a bunch of skills makes you a god in melee pvp and makes it even harder for kiting classes to kite.

it also seems to activate way more often than it should

i tested it with a paladin armor set that had a total amount of knockback ressistance of 55%, so i should not take knockback 55% of the time right?

i got someone to hit me 15 times in that armor set and i only took knockback once. [ive tested this many more times and everytime it activates way more often than it should]

IMO i think knockback ressistance should just be removed on armor sets that can drop in the future, and if possible disabled on current armor pieces that already have it.