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Knights of Labor_K0L

Mar 29, 2014
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Leader: GoodGrief
Members: 10
HQ: Griefport Northern Continent

We are a labor federation, representing other unions, regions, and clans.
Our expressed goal is to facilitate lawful and fair trade across the worlds of Herocraft.

Charter of the Knights of Labor:
The recent alarming development and aggression of aggregated wealth, which, unless checked, will inevitably lead to the pauperization and hopeless degradation of the toiling masses, render it imperative, if we desire to enjoy the blessings of Herocraft, that a check should be placed upon its power and upon unjust accumulation, and a system adopted which will secure to the laborer the fruits of his toil; and as this much-desired object can only be accomplished by the thorough unification of labor, and the united efforts of those who obey the divine injunction that "In the sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat bread," we have formed the Knights of Labor with a view of securing the organization and direction, by co-operative effort, of the power of the industrial classes; and we submit to the world the objects sought to be accomplished by our organization, calling upon all who believe in securing "the greatest good to the greatest number" to aid and assist us:

I. To bring within the folds of organization every department of productive industry, making knowledge a standpoint for action, and industrial and moral worth, not wealth, the true standard of player and regional greatness.

II. To secure to the toilers a proper share of the wealth that they create; more of the leisure that rightfully belongs to them; more societary advantages; more of the benefits, privileges and emoluments of the world map; in a word, all those rights and privileges necessary to make them capable of enjoying, appreciating, defending and perpetuating the blessings of good game environment.

III. To arrive at the true condition of the producing masses in their educational, moral and financial condition.

IV. The establishment of co-operative institutions, productive and distributive.

V. The reserving of the public lands--the heritage of the player--for the actual settler.

VI. The abrogation of all laws that do not bear equally upon capital and labor, the removal of unjust technicalities, delays and discriminations in the administration of justice, and the adopting of measures providing for the health and safety of those engaged in mining, manufacturing or building pursuits.

VII. The enactment of laws to compel chartered townships to treat their denizen with fairness and justice.

VIII. The enactment of laws giving mechanics and laborers a first lien on their work for their full wages.

IX. The establishment of the contract system on regional, clan and residential work.

X. The substitution of arbitration for raids, whenever and wherever regional orginzations are willing to meet on equitable grounds.

XI. The prohibition and reporting of the of griefing.

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Mar 29, 2014
Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor
Get it right.
We are derivative, but not of The Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor. Example: we are neither noble, nor holy. We seek to empower the basic player, and are a secular entity. Spirituality is not our domain. The efficient and equitable distribution of material stuffs, and sufficient knowledge of the wants and needs of others in order to properly conduct business, this is our domain.