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Karsain's Meditation Hill Service


Glowing Redstone
Jul 20, 2014
med 1.png med 2.png Meditation Hills have been a part of Herocraft since Dragonguard map. Protecting the weak and aiding the advantaged, they provide an aesthetic appeal to many landscapes. A symbol of wealth and success, only the most prestigious towns will have one close by. Relax to the peaceful sound of fire while displaying your power atop your Meditation Hill. A switch is placed atop the hill to power on and off the fire at your very whim, making you truly a god amongst men. You may LWC the switch to keep the powers of the hill to yourself. Treat yourself to a true work of art by leaving a post on the forums, or PM Karsain In-game if you wish to buy a meditation hill near your town/house/personal region for the current non-negotiable price of 1000s. You can opt in or out of your information being on the list of Meditation Hills. We won't list your coordinates but we suggest your display your wealth and success to the server by allowing us to list your/your town's name in the thread.

List of Meditation Hills:
#1: 1476 -3474 Claimed by Emergance

Wall of shame (Meditation Hill Girefers):
1. Krali
2. Frombie
*LWC not included. Meditation hill dimensions are 22x22 and are best placed upon a flat hill or planes biome. It is assumed nobody from your town will attack me the process of building.
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