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Dec 6, 2013
Due to the fact the server is broken and frankly dead i'll be taking a hiatus from activity. you may see me on once in awhile when naxet or a town member pokes me on our ts but thats about it. It boggles my mind how people are ok with the current status of the server. How many PVE players have donated, bought boosts, or other items to keep this server alive and running?

1.Free Lwcs with a one time purchase of a personal region kills raiding, its bias and kills the economy due to the fact no one has to go mining to afford lwcs, so no one has materials to sell.

2.No active admins on the server i had a 2 3 week old admin pe's in that were never looked at. i eventually closed them town cant make sub regions and no one to transfer my noble plot.

3. Inactive towns need to lose regions, inactive is inactive.. a hamlet with 2 citizens is ludicrous, the majority of towns on pvp need to lose regions.

4. PVE needs to be removed, if it is to remain in the game it should be a resource map that resets, no one should be able to create a town separation of population at its finest.

5. View the economy/ donations in haven when it was just haven and ruins. Server was thriving, every shop in trade was bought, pvp was alive and there was boosts practically every day.

I know no one cares about my opnion on this server but here they are. Take them with a grain of salt i'm sure alot of you may agree with a few keypoints, if that encourages change awesome. if not then i wish you the best of luck.

Happy hunting