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Heroes 1.5.1 Updated Guide.


Staff member
Tier 7
Aug 16, 2011
Updated as of MC v.1.5.2 (5/14/2013)
First Edition MC v.1.5.1 9 (4/18/2013)
Dear adventurer,
I write today to inform you of this world, which has been torn by wars and beasts of all sorts. Now is the time we need heroes to rise. There is a calling in all our hearts, a cry for adventure and battle! Well my kin, you have found it.[/COLOR]
Herocraft is a comprehensive Role-Playing Minecraft Server. Players will find themselves immersed in a world of dangerous challenges around every corner. Will you follow the path or rogue and sieze an advantage in the darkness? Or a warrior as you rely on a strong heart and a heavy sword? Perhaps a wizard relying on unearthly arts to bend your foes to nature, maybe even a healer, crossing the mana of life to serve your needs. Join a town and wage wars, or hunt in the wilderness to survive. Adapt, grow stronger, and become a Hero.
Becoming A Whitelisted Hero
One of the very first things you should do after getting a taste of Herocraft, is to apply for whitelist. Being whitelisted will give you access to some of the following.
*Talk in public chats
*Build on bastion
*Joining towns
*Full access to other Herocraft features.

Becoming whitelisted is a very simple process, just go to hc.to/apply and complete the application. The initial review shouldnt ever be more than 24 hours, on average it is 1 hour of a wait to be accepted. A few tips to being whitelisted include...

- Be 100% honest on your application - You cannot lie on your application about anything. There is no getting around this. If you have a ban and you do not inform us of it, and we find one anyway, we deny your application. You cannot lie about your age. If you are found to be lying about your age, your application is denied. If you have already been whitelisted and we find you are lying about your age, you will be unwhitelisted. We're not lying to you. Don't lie to us.

- Use the proper application format - Copy and paste the application, filling in from there. This is not rocket science. We will tell you to redo your application. Follow the directions that are given to you.

- Include all of the information requested - Do not leave anything blank. If you leave anything blank, you will be told to redo your application. Don't waste our time if you want to play on our server. Yet again, follow directions.

- Post some screenshots of your past creations - Sometimes while you are applying, putting some screenshots is not a bad idea, especially if you told us you like to build in your application.

- Lengthen your application - This applies to the Reason you should be accepted:and Additional Info: part of the application. Because your server is cool, it looks nice, I like it are not good enough answers. We need to get to know you from your application before we can whitelist you. Three word sentences and one sentence answers are not acceptable.

- Check your grammar/spelling - While we understand that we have many people here that are from various walks of life and speak many different languages, English is the only language allowed in any public channel in game. We do not allow internet ebonics or m_e_m_e's in game; we don't want them in applications either. Use your best grammar and spelling. Please try for correct punctuation. Nothing pisses off the Whitelist Team more than having to read four sentences smashed into one and then we are left guessing as to what you meant to tell us. Here is a link to help you fix the run-on sentence problem.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Run-on_sentence

- DO NOT just re-post your previous application - If you are asked to change you application, change it. Don't waste our time and we won't waste yours.

- Make a great first impression - First impressions last forever. We've had people tell us stories in their applications before. Make us remember you for something good.

- If you follow these tips, chances are, you will get onto the Whitelist. - This is correct. If you follow the tips above in their explained format, chances are better that you will be accepted.

- After you have improved your application, reply to it saying it's been updated. -DO NOT START A NEW THREAD TO UPDATE YOUR APPLICATION. DO NOT DELETE YOUR THREAD EITHER. Edit the post in your current thread with the edit button below the text of your post. If that does not work, post again in your thread via the text box at the bottom of your screen or by clicking the reply button of the last post in your thread. Follow the directions you are given. No one needs 4 applications on the forums at the same time.
FAQ'S About Whitelist.
I wasnt accepted! What can I do?
Well thats dependant on the case. If your too young, don't give up hope and be patient as you wait to turn the correct age. If you were denied because of previous bans, you've got some redeeming to do. Go to all previous servers on which you were banned, and clear all those marks against you, even then the proctors make the yea or nay call.
They haven't looked at mine!
Be patient, the process can take time. If your application goes more than 24 hours without an initial review, kindly bump your application. If you are mid process and have been sorting things out with a proctor, it may take lomger as well as they do not live on the game.
How do I know if I'm accepted?
You will recieve a message over the forums, and you should be able to talk in public chats.
Making Money
Gathering money can be one of the most challenging obstacles a new player faces. Here are some suggestions on how to pocket some quick coin!
*VOTE- You get three coins for each time you vote, and you can make almost 20c per day just from voting. Thats over 100c per week!
*Ores- Iron ore and Gold ore are worth more than Iron and Gold ingots, save them and sell them in bulk. Alchemists transmute them into other materials and smiths smelt them using special skills, so you can make more money selling ores than ingots.
*Trade- This method is slower, but just as good. Watch for people who are buying things you have, or who are selling things at a low price so that you can buy it and sell it at its average price later. The merchant class uses these techniques often to make money.
*Use Your Profession- Professions were designed with coin in mind. Farmers can sell leather for 30c a stack, everyone needs smiths and masons to do work for them. Towns hire miners all the time! Each profession has a chance to make big bucks if you invest time into training it and advertise your services.
*The Lottery- Heroes be warned, don't spend every coin you get trying to win. Your shots are low. However, if you have nothing better to spend money on, why not try? You can make an easy tax free +700 coins if you find yourself the winner.
*Bounty Hunting- This is a little more for the avid hero, be sure to pack your gear and hire a long term ranger to track your target. This takes patience too. But bounties are a good quick coin. You'll also get the players head which you can sell for money to boot!
FAQ's about Money

a)How do I check my balance?
- The command </money> will tell you how much you have.
b)Who's the richest player?
- Type </money top> to find out.
c) How do I check the bounty list?
- The bounty list can be accessed using </bounty list>
d) How do I check the lottery?
- An easy command, use </lottery> for information on the current lotto state.

Heroes Plugin.
The cornerstone of our server, the heroes plugin is what brings the excitement and fun to the environment. It was put together by a team of devs and coders, led by Kainzo. The plugin is not available to the public for download at this time. All players have one class and one profession. You must start with a basic class from the following choices. Rogue, Caster, Warrior, and Healer. Once you master that class by reaching level 20, you may then pay 250 coins to select a specialization from your branch. You master that class once you reach level 65 in it. Your profession as of the most recent Heroes update, is defaultly set to crafter. Once you reach level 20 crafter you can select a profession. You must master it, and then pay 250 coins to choose your profession. You have mastered your profession once you reach level 60. While in game you can use the command </hero> to see a full list of commands.
&External links, for more information see
FAQ's About Heroes

a) How do I pick my class?
- Just type </hero choose {class}>
b) How do I see my skills, armor, or weapons I can use?
- The command </skills> will show you all the skills you are able to use.
- The command </hero armor> will show you the armor you can use
- The command </hero tools> will show you the tools you can use.
c) How do I choose my specialization after I've mastered my class?
- You use the same command </hero choose {class}>
d) How do I use my skills?
- Typing </skill {skillname}> will active the skill. However in battle you may not have time to type the skill. This is where binding comes in handy. Hold an item such as a stick in your hand and type </bind {skillname}>. From now on whenever you right click, the skill will be actived. There is also a legal macro mod you can use. See the mods section for more information.
e) I wanna reset or change my class! How can I?
- You can use the command </hero {reset}> to restart your hero; but be warned!!! This will erase your profession and class!
The township plugin is what unites all the herocrafters together. Toenships are the main sources of PvP and safety for the players. Through townships players establish friendships, alliances, and enemies. Although townships are essential, they can also be confusing. Townships can only be found on the main world Bastion (See worlds for more info). There are many pages of commands and standards that townships must meet and maintain. A full list of commands pertaining to towns can be acessed by typing </town>.
&For external information, see
FAQ's About Towns
a) How do I join a town?
- There are a few different ways to join in a town, but nearly every single toen requires players to apply before being accepted. You can go into /<ch re> and ask in recruitment chat if any towns are hireing. You can also go to hc.to/towns and apply for one that interests you.
b) How do I make a town?
- Making a town is a long, difficult, and expensive process. See our wiki at hc.to/wiki for more information on township creation.
Herocraft Worlds
During your adventure youll hear people talking about a series of worlds throught the multiverse. They currently consist of Bastion, Forgelight, Warshard and Grayson. There is also the tutorial world, lostcove, which is only accessable when you first join Herocraft. Bastion is the main world, full of towns, shops, and PvP. Bastion is also where the nexus hub is located so that you can travel to different worlds. Bastion is the only world that can host Townships.
Other Frequently Asked Questions.

Who owns the server?
Can I have creative mode?
How do I use /home or /tp
-We do not use /home or /tp, instead we have similar skills known as Mark and Recall. There are also classes that allow players to warp to certain points on the map.
How do I become a Supporter?
-Just head on over to hc.to/supporter
How do I message some one?
-Type /tell <playername> [Enter] To begin a conversation with them, you can then leave that conversation by just switching your focus to another chat.
What is a Death Match?
-A Death Match, is a scheduled event where players fight to see who can get the most kills in an arena. It is free to join and lots of fun!
Im stuck somwhere!
-Well well fickle that your in a pickle, First, try to relog or use your recall to escape. If those dont seem to work, try to get a teleport out from a wizard. A last resort is to try to use /kill which should send you to the nearest GY (Grave Yard) However, if these all fail you can file a petition to get help.
What is the Petition System?
-The Petition System is how Herocraft keeps up with whats going on. Its a help hotline to the staff. If you get griefed, someone does somthing illegal to you, or you need direct help that cant be provided by any other staff member, the petition system is where to go.
Kainzo, Owner of the server. He is the Chief.
[Founder] = Self explaining title, the founders are those who helped to found the Herocraft Server and Disposable Heroes.
[Admin] = The server admins handle petitions, external server operations, forum activities, and much more. Earning Admin takes quite an extension of time and dedication.
[DH] = Kainzo or Angyles can you fill this in? I don't know much about it, or see em often online.
[Moderator] = The server moderators handle petitions, some coding and operations, forum activities and bans, whitelists, mutes, and other tasks that are necessary for the operation of Herocraft.
[Architect] = The servers master designers. They use the creative server at creative.hc.to (IP) to design all the spawns and worlds that players venture into. The team is led by Gabizou, one of the moderators.
[Proctor] = The gatekeepers to the whitelist world, Proctors are the ones who review applications, gather information, and decide if a player should or shouldn't be whitelisted onto the server. The Proctors team is led by Angyles.
[Guide] = The wisdom seekers. Guides have learned nearly all aspects and commands of the gameplay, and love nothing more than to share their knowledge with new people in Tour chat, Offtopic chat, and Help chat. There is a large group of guides, and they are currently led by the moderators in general.
[Herald] = The realm wanderers. They venture across far lands, to a place known as the internet, to legally and fairly spread the word about Herocraft in a way that reflects nicely upon the server and its players. The Heralds are led by Dielan9999
[Coder] = The masters behind the masks, these players help to ensure that the plugins are running smoothly, and are updated with new and exciting features.
[Designer] = The Website Workers. These skilled men and women use their talents to create and design features of the Herocraftonline website.

*Note, if a staff title has an S. in front of it, they are the Senior member representing their group.
*Note, some players have more than one staff role.
For a full list of current staff, see this page.