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Herocraft Commissions

Jan 29, 2011
*Due to the amount of people wanting a drawing. Commissions will be close until I can finish all the drawings on my plate at the moment - Will be open again soon*

Hello everyone!

I'm posting today to start commissions of Herocraft themed art.

To start, ill put some information about myself and then a link to some of my drawings so that people can see what I can do at the moment.

My name is Badblood161 and I've been playing on this server for the past year and a half on and off. I've just recently graduated college with a BA in Fine Arts and plan on trying my luck working as a concept artist once I have a portfolio together. Sadly I'm in a bit of a rut and can't come up with anything on my own so I've decided to open up commissions here to work through this dry spell.
If you want to look at my previous drawings go here;


*NOTE Some may be nude drawings NSFW. Go at your own risk*

Now onto business:

Anyone can ask for a drawing of whatever they want Herocraft related - I'll be charging in game coin for the more detailed you want.

For people wanting a drawing please fill out this nice little form:

Name of Character:




Short Background:

Pose Suggestion (Not a requirement):

If you want more characters/environment, town portrait, or a battle scene you'll obviously have to give some more information.

Starting Price for a Character Sketch is 100c, 150c for full color.

Payment will be taken once the drawing is done. I'll post the picture here and send you a reminder.

Payment for more detailed work is TBA - Frankly it depends on the time it takes to draw.

All of these will be hand drawn by me - no use of tracing and or photo editing

All commissions can be terminated at will by me if I dont have time to complete them.

I will reply to this post with a filled form to follow.

Jan 29, 2011
Name of Character: Badblood161

Age: 18

Description/Class: Ninja - Has Braided Copper Hair - Soft Amber Eyes. Slightly rugged. Wears modest garments with a sling of vials and potions. Sword is a battle-warn straight bladed long sword.

Trinkets/Traits: Scar over left eye. Easy Tempered. Carries trinkets from lost love.

Short Background: Came to the realm via boat - lives in Anchorhead. Skilled Acrobatic fighter.

Pose Suggestion (Not a requirement): Relaxing
Jul 31, 2012
nice work. personally i can't draw much more than a stick figure. I'd hire you for one, just need to get the details first (and check if I have the coin for it). You think you'd be able to put in a mob as well? Else ill need to change my idea. thought id ask 1st
Jul 31, 2012
Name of Character: Northac

Age: 28

Description/Class: Red eyes, grey hair (hidden by hood/ face mask, light wieght robes inscribed with his symbol of power

Trinkets/Traits: Intense and quite, very much in control of his emotions

Short Background: Survivor of the attack on Dragonguard, Moved into an isolated area to continue his study of necromatic magic which has begun to affect him physically (the red eyes and grey hair)

Pose Suggestion (Not a requirement): slighty to the side holding a diomand hoe (weaponized one) draining a zombie (useing drainsoul, maybe with the "soul" being pulled out?)

If possible id like it in color, i attatched my skin so you could see the colors from



Web Developer
Tier 9
May 20, 2012
San Jose, CA
Wow, you are extremely talented... You should think about doing a series of concept pieces covering different specs/classes of Herocraft, It'd look awesome in the first post of the Minecraft Forums thread!

I want to request a commission as well:

I would like a sketch of a very weathered yet dignified/intelligent looking older man wearing goggles like this (either actually in front of his eyes on sitting on his forehead), sitting at a desk in a dimly lit room, tinkering with a steampunk-ish looking contraption that has something to do with redstone.

Make the desk cluttered with cool looking artifacts and scrolls (possibly blueprints/etc), but most importantly tie it in with Minecraft and Herocraft. Possibly have jars/vials of peculiar looking liquids. Basically make this guy look like a mix between an engineer, a wise old man, and a mad scientist. Don't make him look too crazy though, have him concentrated on his work.

Use glowstone as the light source. Also include a diamond pickaxe somewhere. I'm willing to pay big for this if it's awesome, like 500-1000c? Or more, let me know a fair price. Include color if you so choose. And feel free to break free of the mold and use artistic freedom.
Sep 14, 2011
Badblood if it isn't a trouble I would like you to make me a signature including the following...

My minecraft skin (which you can find at http://www.mcskinsearch.com/skin/jazza411) with a background design of minecraft scenery specifically hills. I wish for my skin to have dragoon armor with the text, jazza411, Dragoon and Banker even though it isn't a position anymore I was pretty proud of being one :) .

Sorry for the lack of description I am kinda hoping on your artistic talents and I am willing to pay 100-300 coins for this.
Jun 5, 2011
Puyallup, WA, USA
Name of Character: Servius Erron, and Raoul Erron

Age: Servius: 24, Raoul: 56

Description/Class: Servius: A Wizard, skilled in the Arcane. Raoul: One of the last Elementalists, a master of
element magicks.

Trinkets/Traits: Servius: He has blonde hair, and fair skin. He wears a violet robe, with golden trim, and carries a
staff with a gem set inside of it. Raoul: In his time in Dragongarde, he adopted a set of armor, based after Aerokii's Templar. ( http://www.mcskinsearch.com/skin/TheMormon ). He carries an iron blade with a Gem of Power set in the hilt to focus his magic and store Mana.

Short Background: Servius: He found his way into the Multiverse at the end of Dragongarde, with the rise of
Bastion. Raoul brought him under his wing, teaching the ways of the Caster, giving Servius the title of Erron.
Raoul: Raoul was brought into the Multiverse in the days of Sanctum, and was raised in a time before Heroes. He helped to found guilds and towns, and ended up being taught the ways of the Geomancer, becoming a true Elementalist.
Pose Suggestion (Not a requirement): The two Mages stand on a cliff, over looking a field with a ruined Tower amidst it,

Full color, please. Also, as this includes two characters and is in full color, I assume it will be between 175 and 250 coin?