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Herobot User Guide


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Mar 9, 2011
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Herobot is a general discord bot that is based on RedBot by twentysix-26 @ github and can perform various tasks such as playing music, fetching information, and various gags/community fun such as insulting people or even flipping them... literally


The most important information to take away from this thread is that all commands must be prefixed with the exclamation point and every command you can use will be sent to you in a PM by the bot if you type out

For a quick reference (and showcase of default features) here are some popular commands and example usage:

(note this is far from all of the commands)


There are a few major commands here -- play, queue, skip, and stop:

PLAY: You can use !play <search term> or !play <link to soundcloud or youtube> to start the music bot. You must be connected to a channel, but don't worry the bot will tell you if you forget that.

!play periphery marigold

!play https://soundcloud.com/dielan9999/vic-spongebob-theme

!play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk9G1JlQeFs

These should all work to start the bot with these tracks (or the result of a youtube search for 'periphery marigold')

QUEUE: This is more of a note for the admins as any regular user that uses !play while a song is playing will queue automatically. If an admin does this the queue will be dropped and their song will be played instead

SKIP: If you are the only one in the channel the song will be skipped. If you are not alone there will be a vote and others can vote to skip by doing !skip themselves.

STOP: You can use !stop to kill the music but you will have to vote much like skip. Admins can force the music to stop with this. If other people are enjoying the bot but just YOU want the music to stop you should consider adjusting the bot's volume clientside on your discord before trying to stop the bot.


You can get the list of trivia sets by typing !trivia and you'll get a PM from the bot. Simply use !trivia <list name> to start the trivia. You simply type in the chat your answer and it is not case sensitive.

trivia example.PNG

!trivia herocraft

!trivia worldflags

There are also various other commands but they are all documented in the message you get when you use !help

This is a modular bot and the plugins installed are all the opensource ones that other users of this kind of bot can use. In the future we can write up some herocraft exclusive ones and when that comes in we will document it and you can read it with !help so make sure you use that command before asking questions! If you try a command but are missing a piece of it the bot usually replies to you telling you what went wrong. Give it a try!
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Mar 9, 2011
Temple of Melonmancy
@WitchOnaRampage this might be something that should go on the wiki. But I do not know how to wiki.

Might be a good candidate for sticky too or at least be copy/pasted into a longer, already stickied how-to thread if such a thread exists.


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Jul 3, 2011
I never got around to finishing my SoundBot, glad to know the YouTube feature works.
Also, good use of Flip.