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Suggestion [Hero Professions] A New Profession

Jun 23, 2014
Builder Profession:
Combines skilled craftsmanship, with combat skills to reach new heights.

The builder prof uses the general category of combat class to provide faster building methods.
(Non of these work in combat)
Melee Classes Skills:
Drill: The Player charges up energy for 5 seconds, then bursts in the direction the player is facing, breaking 10 blocks in the path.
Tunnel: The player gains energy for 10 seconds that lurches forward destroying all blocks in a 3x3 around the player for the next 5 blocks (Length)
Hurl: the player places a 4x4 cube where the player is facing, of specified block, after charging for 7 seconds

Caster Classes:
Wall: Build a wall out of specified block of 5x5x1. will not break blocks in the way.

Divine Switch: place wood buttons in a 5x5 or less and right click with a block to replace all blocks within the 5x5 with the one you are holding

These are just some examples, I feel like professions that borrowed from melee class would be neat.