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grits5 app

Dec 22, 2011
  1. In-game name: Grits5
  2. Location & Age: Colorado and 19
  3. Previous Bans (Includes other servers):None
  4. Referral(s):kazbuto
  5. Reason you should be accepted:i have read the terms and agreement. I'm a very polite player My friend has been bugging me to get this game for months and I have finally got it and I like it. I am a new player ive only played on a few servers before this. My friend told me to stop looking for servers because heros is the best. That is why im here right now.
  6. How did you hear about Herocraft?: kazbuto
  7. Have you voted for Herocraft (No? Click here)?: I has already voted for your server today
  8. Additional Info: I really looking forward to playing a server that has little lag and nice plugins. I like to build and find rare mats to fund community projects. I like to go on the occasional raid with friends. I also like long walks on the beach jking lol.