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Suggestion Give Engineers Their Clocks!

Aug 8, 2011
So as you may not no, engineer has the clock ic given to them as their level 60 skill, however, whenever you place this ic you are given a rather annoying message saying you are not allowed to use this ic.

Now aside from saying on the wiki and in my skills list that I have the clock ic I still am not allowed to use one of the most needed skills for engineer.

Anyway let's say we look past the fact that we're not allowed clocks and let's look past the fact it says in multiple ways that we are allowed to use it, it basically makes so many other ics useless. For example, a jk flipflop, half and full adders etc, all of these types of ics and circuits require a clock in them to function properly, so not only am I not allowed to use 1 of my ics, but because I'm now allowed clocks of any extent, I am now allowed to use a huge quantity of my other ics given to me.

Either way I would just like it if you would reconsider adding the clock ic to engineer as the class is basically mason with a player detector added to it without the clocks.

Yours sincerely- TheAncientTeam