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Forum Layout

Feb 11, 2013

I was looking around the forums and noticed a couple of forums I feel are out of place. I will update this post if/when I find anything else forum related.

I feel that the "Guides" sub-forum under Announcements should be moved to the RPG tab under "Member Discussion" or possibly make a new forum under RPG call "Getting Started" and then place "Guides and "Introductions" under that forum. The reason I feel this should be moved is because the "Announcements" forum should not be included with "Guides" I feel announcements are more important than guides.

My reasoning is the same for the next change I think should be made. The "Leave / Absence" forum should be a sub-forum of the "General" forum under the Public tab.

For now this is all I have.

Thank you for reading,

-Gavin Wright