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Feb 19, 2017
lolololololololol xd yo got clickbaited into this post

Still as any good clickbait it has to be half true so people watches the whole thing.

so there it is:

Im an ex Fortnite clickbaiter who left Fortnite to do actual fun stuff and i have a little remaining community that likes me for being human and not for my *ilikefortnitesoloveme* mask wich im intrigued to experience the server with.

Also have an english speaking community that loves me because i griefed them with over 60 alts for like a year (a tf2 jeailbreak one).

Im not the hottest shit nor those communities are gonna follow me like sheep to this paradice, yet those are hands willing to push the player base a little

We humans are not necessary stupid, we are just mechanic and automatic af, thats why Coca Cola buys ads so you can see smiling people drinking that shit for a few seconds and your mechanical subconcious says "OH SHIT COCA COLA FUN IMMA GO", we just copy signals and expand them blindy, atleast at a subconcious level.

When i see the forums i see shit storms and community wars that fill my automatic yet not stupid subconcious with "server not healthy imma no join" so i dont, and i wait for over 3 fucking years for it to bloom into a player-filled utopia and just jump in to enjoy.

Theres a lot people willing to play this, yet they are under the "first revive the server then i give it life" automatic yet not stupid subconcious signal

So what im here to do is to try expand the "look theres people advertising and nurturing the community, i may as well do it" signal so we stop this "gonna play only when others play" mentality and actually support this life proyect as a community

I saw in Discord a message from Kainzo that said there was a group of people willing to advertirse and help with some of the day to day stuff
so as little as i am, theres other hands willing to push the snowball.

So, what are you guys willing to put to give flesh to this skeleton?
no, Kainzo burning another year of his life adding cool shit wont make this alive, we dont need more bone, it would be cool but its not what we need
flesh, players to punch and interact with, thats what we need
Kainzo made his part making an extraordinary skeleton, now we are the cells regenerating muscle from it