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For the people


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Apr 28, 2012
Dragon through ...

GOTO -->> PART 2

An Eternity ~

Time passes by quickly up here, and being the
lord of a castle is certainly not for the faint of heart.
I watch as the clouds roll by, billowing across the
sky at a brisk pace. From my window I have a bird’s
eye view of my whole kingdom, from the wheat fields
in the west to the southern forests. It all seems so
peaceful, but I know that it’s only an illusion.

The scouts had returned earlier with reports of
enemy troop movements in our allied lands further
to the south. The worst part of the news was the
information that two castles had been sacked and
looted and the survivors were minimal. They are still
sorting out the mess and I should have a more
detailed report in the morning. I suppose the good
news is that for now it seems the enemy has retreated
with their spoils, although I know that a wounded animal
will continue to be toyed with by the predators until it
eventually dies. It’s my job to make sure that when they
come back, there are no more wounded animals, and
only sharp fanged wolves.

My hope still lies with our allies in the deep south, a
world away. Their kingdoms have struggled under
constant siege from the Korthien’s for generations now,
as their taxations and cruelty has known no bounds.
Their people have been preparing for an exodus to
my lands now for many years but the time has yet to come.

More than the hope of renewed military strength comes
the hope for contact with the auburn duchess,
for our time has been long overdue and my longing
wares on me more than any war could. In my waiting
I continue to prepare for the storms that are to come
and to serve those already caught in the initial gusts.

A thousand kilometers to the south stands another castle.

The battlements of her castle stood towering over
an emerald green lake that surrounded half of the
city below. Staring into the distance, she watched
the waves roll up onto the sandy beaches and the
fishing boats pull in their nets, while lost in thought.
The battle between her personal desires and those
of her peoples raging inside her. It’s a battle she’s
waged with herself for a long time, and for her, the
fight has been a losing one.

A knock at the door startled her from her thoughts.
“Enter” she calls without taking her gaze away from
the waters. Moments later the door opens and in walks
a tall thin man with a worn demeanor carrying several
scrolls and a large book. “Loomen, I suppose you have
the consensus?” she asks as the man is walking
across the room. The man looking at her with sympathy
answers “I do my queen, and it is as you expected.
The people do not want to leave their lands, regardless
of any dangers the future may hold. They refuse to leave
the land their ancestors were born in to be devoured
by the Korthian’s greed.”

A barely visible strain strikes her as she listens to the

brief but expected report, as if a weight she was carrying
started to drag even more. “Very well, I suggest that you
get the next offerings ready for they will be back sooner
that I care to think.”

The man walks up beside her and kneels down and drops
his eyes to the floor. “Mi’lady” he starts and then takes a
moment of pause. “There are those that would follow you
regardless. You could leave and head north with those that will.
Although you are bound to your lands and people by blood,
you are also bound to the wills of your heart,
which is just as important to follow.”

There was a long, silent pause which started
to give the man worry that he offended her.

After only a minute that started to feel like an eternity
to the kneeling man, she takes a deep breath and
responds “No. Loomen you are wise, but although
my heart may cry out, my place is with my people
and I could never abandon them for myself. It is
with them I shall go or not at all.” The man still looking
to the floor responds “and if they never decide to leave?”
Continuing to stare out to the lake and focusing
in on the waves she says “Thank you Loomen.
Prepare the Offerings and report to me in five
days times the inventories.”

He starts to respond with a simple “Yes, Mi’lady,”
but manages to ask the question he dreaded.
“Please Mi’lady, what should I tell him?” Another
moment of silence wrecked the room before she answers
“Nothing. Tell him nothing new, for I cannot bear
for him to know the truth.”

The man stands, while still keeping his
head bowed to the floor and backs out of the room,
closing the door once again behind him.

The thud of the door closing behind her hits her hard,
as she almost breaks under the emotional strain
she carries. For a moment she starts to feel faint,
but is quickly able to steady herself only allowing a
single crystal tear to escape from her almost stoic posture.

She continued to stand there, staring out over the
waters as the sun made it’s decent below the horizon.
Its colors dancing and mixing in the waves was a thing
of beauty that she was able to hold onto.
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Apr 28, 2012
Dragon through ...
-Into the fire

It had been raining for several days and the rain continued
falling as a group of dark riders rode into town.
The roads were a mess after all the rain fall, and the villagers
had to scrambled to get out of the way of the envoys mounts
as they carelessly galloped through the city, kicking mud over
anything standing to near the road. The envoy was making its
accent towards the castle at dangerous speeds, but the
guardsmen new they were not to hinder an envoy of Kor,
so they allowed them entry to the inner city.

She sat in the grand chamber, clothed in a flowing
silken dress while listening to several lords that were
standing in front of her talking. She was noticeably distracted,
but was making a good show of her attentiveness. A burly man,
wearing a leather breast plate was going over a list of
resources while the other two were bickering over something
to do with transportation costs. She knew they could handle it.
In fact she was pretty sure that they enjoyed all the bickering
and paperwork, even though they would die before they would
admit to it. So she let it go on and enjoyed the moments
of time it permitted her.

While the conversation dragged on, she glanced
around the room, enjoying the ancient masonry that adorned
the room’s high arches, as well as the people milling about,
conversing amongst each other. For just a few fleeting
moments she was completely lost in her own thoughts,
when suddenly the large doors at the other end of the hall
flung open and a dirt covered man ran into the room,
followed by a dozen guardsmen. The room instantly went
quiet and the attention of all those in the room was fixed
upon the messenger.

“My Queen,” the man started, while trying to catch his breath;
after what looks to have been a frantic run.
“A Korthianion envoy is in the city, and is fast approaching
the castle! They will be here within minutes.”

The bulky man’s red face goes pale as he hears the news
and almost shouts “They are a full week ahead of time!
While one of the smaller lords that were previously arguing
asks almost under his breath “What do they want now?”
While the rest of the room starts murmuring amongst themselves

Standing up, she straightens herself while taking a
stance that radiates her strength, her crown glistening in
the torchlight and her body almost glowing. “Everyone take
seat at your tables” she ordered to the lords and citizens in the room.
Turning to the captain of her guard she says “I want two dozen
guards placed between the tables and the walk.
I do not know what they want, but I will not risk showing weakness”

Many long minutes passed as they awaited the arrival of the envoy.
Eventually an low but ever increasing clanking could be
heard from outside the doorway, as what sounded like a
heavily armored group was getting closer. A moment later
the clanking stopped as the halls main door flew open
and a dozen men walk into the hall. Their heavy armor
was draped in black cloth that was stained with the blood
of their fallen enemies.

A particularity brutal looking man pushes his way to
the front and stands at eye level with her, staring into
her without hesitation. “Your king sends his regards.”
He says with a slight sneer. Maintaining eye contact,
she responds back to the man “Pleasantries don't suit
you Grog; your tithes will be ready in a week as planned.”
She grins and taunts further, “Did you ride here so you could
splash in the mud or do you come with a purpose?”

Grog seemed amused at her attempt to maintain
control of the conversation and almost laughs as
he replies “Heh, I am here in regards to the tithes,
but it's not the timing that has changed.” He pauses
for a moment to try and take the push his position.
“Your king has decided that he also requires two
thousand youths as part of your tithes as well.”
As he finished his sentence, gasps and angry words
could be heard from the people around the tables.
Even her strength faltered for a fleeting moment as
the demands sunk in, showing in the slightest way on her face.

Grog was able to see that slightest of cracks in
her strength and seized on it with a forced guttural laughter.
“You will deliver the youths with your normal tithes in seven moons,
or we will kill twenty thousand of your people and take the
youths that remain.” Any dismay that might have shown on
her face quickly melts as she hears the threat and is replaced with rage.

Grog spins around to face the crowds in the room
while announcing “We will see you, and yours in seven moons.
” His tone carries that of a triumphant gloating child.

Unnoticed by the rest in the room she glances to the captain
of her guard relaying a silent message that he seems to understand but disturbed him.

As Grog goes to take a step towards the door,
the slightest ting of metal could be heard from
somewhere behind him, but before he could turn about,
he felt the sensation of falling as his head hits the floor
and rolls slightly. Before his vision went black, he came
to a stop staring straight up at her and the now blood
soaked blade in her hand.

The speed at which her guards followed her attack
was so fast that the envoys guards did not have time
to respond before half of them had already fallen.
There was a small battle in the proceeding moments
, but with most of their fighters dispatched in the first seconds,
the rest of them fell without any casualties from her people.

When the fighting was done, the guards started the process
of cleaning up the horrid mess while the lords quickly
approached their queen again. Each carried a terrified
looks on their faces. Her eyes were transfixed on her
blade as she wiped the blood from it with a cloth,
eventually tossing the cloth aside.

Sheathing her blade, she looks at the three men and says
“I will not sacrifice our people to these vile creatures anymore.
They will not have our crops and they certainly will not have
our children.” She pauses for a moment with a look that was
a cross between rage and thoughtful then continues
“Have the guards set the bodies to poles outside the
village on the road where Kor will see it.” The burning look
on her face would melt a weaker man to his knees and two
of the three lords did not dare speak against her,
but Byron was able to muster enough courage to speak and asks,
“What will we do mi’lady, we surely cannot stand against their
armies, it is our death warrant you have signed.
” As he said the words he cringed as if he expected to be
the next one lying headless on the floor.

Speaking in a low stable tone she responds
“No Byron, we are going to be gone before they will
have the chance.” With a confused and terrified
look on his face another of the lords responds
“How? We cannot move out all of our people before
they can march an army from their barracks?!”
There was a slight pause as she took in a large
breath to help slow her pounding heart.
“No Loomen we cannot, and in fact I do not intend to.”
She looked at the three men intently for a moment
“What I need now is your word that you will do as I order,
without question. It is of vital importance.” It was only a
moment before they responded. “Our will is yours my queen.”
Looking pleased she continues “Loomen, I need you to rally
the guards into the city and villages and have them retrieve
every citizen of our lands and bring them back to the inner city.
Byron I need you to take your merchants and personal guards
and move all the tithes and all other supplies that you can gather
from the city and villages and bring them into the inner city.
Crastin I need you to take your criers and help spread the
word around the city and villages of what has happened to
all the citizens and make sure they know that their lives
are at state and must follow the guards to the inner city.
Do this and we shall yet survive to see another spring.”

The three men nodded and headed out on their tasks,
and she retired to her chamber.

The hours passed like seconds, and it was nearly dawn
as she stood on the balcony of her chamber, watching
the waters as they glistened in the moonlight.
“One last night for us to enjoy each other’s company”
she said to the lake. “How I will miss you.” As she continued
watching, the sun started to peak over the horizon, filling the
land with the most beautiful of colors. While watching the
light cover her lands, she looks down over the city, which by
this time is overflowing with people as they stand nearly
shoulder to shoulder filling the roads and squares from
side to side. The people were constantly having to squeeze
together to make room for the hundreds of carts continually
rolling in from the lower city and villages.

Taking one last long look over it all, she says to herself “It is time.”
She walks over to a large tapestry hanging on the wall
and removes a small dagger from her belt. Pulling the tapestry
slightly off the wall she slits the edge of it and reaches between
the fabrics. Carefully feelings about inside, she finds a stiff parchment
and slowly removes it from its hiding place. Glancing over the
ancient paper she sighs and heads down to the assembly room.

That morning the mood in the city was tense, due to the
immense gathering of people and there were already several
outbreaks between various groups as their patience wore thin.
They had still only been told of the incoming danger and to gather
in the city center, so as they waited uncomfortably not knowing
what was to happen their tempers were being pushed further
than some could handle.

“I take it all preparation have been completed?”
She asks, as she approaches the three men.
Each man bows to her and replies in the affirmative that
they had completed their tasks. “All who would come
has done so.” Byron replies. “Yes, yes and the supplies
as also all moved as well.” Loomen chimes in. Crastin
looking worried and worn ask, “With everyone so tightly
packed in mi’lady it will be a slaughter when their armies arrive.
What is your plan to save us?” The silence was short but
still tense as she made her announcement to the three.
“We will not be here when they arrive as I said last night.”
Crastin was about to protest his lack of understanding when
she interrupted and continued, “I have in my possession an
ancient spell that when released will take our city far, far away
to an ancient land thousands of leagues away. Once this spell
is cast Kor will no longer be able to touch us and we can
make a new home.”

“But the people will protest!” Loomen cries out. “I am
sure some will protest, dear Loomen, but at this time they
will have no choice, and with my choice they will have to live.
It is the lesser evil I have chosen as is my right.” She calmly
explains. “The spell was created to encapsulate the castle
as well as the entire inner city, so all those willing to come will
be saved.” Her gaze moves off into the distance “It’s the only way.”

Entering the great hall, she announces “It’s time,”
her voice ringing through the room with power and spirit.
“I need ten of you to encircle me while I recite the words.”
From throughout the room ten of her followers came forward
and took hands around her. “Do not let go of each other until
I say it’s time or we will all suffer.” The ten all nodded in
understanding and took one final deep breath before she began.

At first there was no noticeable effect, but as the enchantment
wove on, the edges of all the structures and people started to
shimmer slightly with rainbow tinted colors. It was almost as
if everyone and everything’s aura in the castle was being illuminated.
The enchantment continued further, and as it did not only did the
rainbow auras around the castle expand, the air also started to
feel more peaceful, full and vibrant. It was as if you were breathing
in thin but pleasant smoke, yet there was nothing you could see in the air.

The strange sights and feelings for the most part had
a calming effect on all those in the castle and inner city,
bringing the city to a silent state of awe. As the final words
of the enchantment were spoken, a loud gong sounded
out from the scroll she was holding. An immense power
started radiating outward from her like a gale force wind,
almost knocking the hands loose of several in the circle.
Within seconds the energy was shooting outwards, unhindered
by the people or walls of stone it came into contact with.
As the energy passed through, it distorted everything into a
haze like mist that continued to get thicker until the entire
city was blanketed in a pure white mist so thick that you could
not see your hand held in front of you.

Whether moments passed or a lifetime it was impossible to tell.
The feeling of bliss that came from the all-encompassing white
mist felt eternal, but eventually it did start to clear. As the mist faded,
she rolled the scroll up and gave the ten their leave.
“We have done it friends, thanks to you.” The ten let their hands
drop as they all started to look around. All those in the room still
seemed disoriented but were recovering quickly.

“To the battlements!” She announces “Follow me and let us
see this new land together.” Within moments all those in the hall
were following behind her as she climbed the great stone stairs
that lead from the great chamber to the lower battlements.

As they emerged onto the battlements they all found places
overlooking the land around them, and starred in absolute
dismay at the sight they were presented with. The green of
their home lands was gone, the emerald lake that lapped
against the shores was gone, and in their place was a desolate
barren waste, with terrifying looking castles and outposts
strewn about all within eyesight. In fact it was the only thing
within eyesight in this retched new place.

Without looking away from the terrible sight she says to
those around her. “I need you to arm all the people below in
the inner city, and fortify the castle. I also need you to bring all
the resources you can muster into the castles storage.”
Pausing for a brief second as she searched for any sign
of hope, she continues “Find your fastest riders and try to
get word out to our allies, for I fear our situation has only
become worse. Prepare for a long siege, I will be retiring
to my chambers for now.”

Her will sapped, she turns and heads back into the castle,
leaving the others to their task.

Minutes later she made it to her chambers.
As she shut the door, her body started to tremble
as the direness of the situation continued to pound into her.
As the shaking continued it became more and more violent
eventually knocking her to her knees. Dropping her face into
her hands she starts weeping uncontrollably as her hope
and will had finally failed. She let herself collapse; knowing
that her people could handle it for the moment and that she
did not have any strength left anyhow. She could no longer
continue the charade, so she allowed herself to succumb to
the despair of the situation and after a short while she lost
consciousness as everything went black.
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