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Suggestion Farmer Upgrades

Aug 7, 2014
Hello developers,

Today I would like to discuss the situation of the farmer profession and how I think it could be upgraded to make it more useful. I, as well as others, believe to the farmer to be almost useless in it's abilities. Sure the ability to spawn animals for food is okay and being able to ride horses is somewhat useful, but these abilities are pretty much all a farmer has. This is why I would like propose something new to the farmer profession; something I believe would make it just as useful as the others. First, I would like to say that being able to spawn animals for food is nice, but not something that should make up half of the farmers skills. In order to change this I believe giving the farmer cooking abilities would help immensely. Now, these cooking abilities would not just be food, but something akin to magic food. These different food types that the farmer would be able to create could grant the user increased stamina/mana regeneration, a slight healing effect, a higher maximum health, or perhaps higher attack speed for a short duration. This would allow for more dynamic food usage and how you play your character. Next, I would like to see the farmer include a skill that would allow them to instantly cut down trees. This would give the farmer a greater usage to towns since farming just food is not as useful with how many normal animals spawn in the world. Lastly, I would like to see more utility skills for the farmer. I realize that overgrowth is very useful for gathering wood, but myself and others don't see the few things the farmer gives as very useful. I believe giving the farmer things such as gills or ultravision might make the profession that much more useful.

Thank you for reading over my suggestions and considering these ideas.


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Jan 21, 2011
The professions in general need a massive overhaul, each of them currently has use at some level but when we've finished the current projects this is the kind of thing we want to look into.