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Hamlet Falkova

Jan 9, 2018
Welcome to Falkova, a peaceful town situated north of New Atlas's Capitol, aimed to help new players survive and seek shelter
From the harsh, unforgiving land that is New Atlas! Located just northeast of the Capitol's northernmost gate, Falkova is a
Safe haven from the rest of the world, offering protection in numbers, safety from griefing and monsters, and even our own
Shop to help supply goods to those in need, town members or not. (All proceeds from Origen_is_sam's shops directly benefit
The town's upkeep) Speak to Origen_is_sam or JerCoolDude regarding recruitment, or really anything you think can be done
To help our community grow and prosper for the good of the server!

- Located at -222, -640 in the World of New Atlas, just leave the Capitol heading north and it will be on your left, slightly
Northeast. It's pretty hard to miss, look for a tall birch wood and cobblestone tower emblazoned with the symbol of Liberty.
- Origen_is_sam (that's me!) is the mayor of Falkova, but JerCoolDude is second-in-command and can be approached
For all matters, so do not worry if I am not available at the time, he is always willing to help!
- The town of Falkova is Tier II, a Hamlet. The amount of space available is 25 chunks, a 5x5 claim. Currently all new
Members are assigned plots, only Origen_is_sam and JerCoolDude are able to break/place blocks outside of plots, and
Each player can break blocks only in their respective chunks. The longer you show your loyalty and commitment to the good
People of Falkova. The more respect you will gain among her people. We will be happy to upgrade your residence if you can
Prove your worth.
- The current taxation is 1% of your money every 24 hours, (this is the lowest possible amount of money to be taxed and is the
Most user friendly) the taxation is required to keep the town alive! The town's total cost daily is 35.7 coins, and should the
Town bank's money fall below that amount, the town will cease to be, and we will be left at the mercy of and others who
Should find us at a disadvantage. Keep our town alive by voting (hc.to/vote) every day and buying from the shops, all of
Which the proceeds directly benefit the town.
- Most of the shops are buy-only shops where you cannot sell your items to, this is because if you could sell also to these
Shops, the town's bank would quickly be depleted. The proceeds from the shops made by Origen_is_sam will be deposited
Into the town bank and will help keep our town alive.
- If you read this whole thing you are awesome! It's pretty boring...
But if I left anything out please let me know.

A note to town members:
If you are in this town and you are reading this, please pay attention, this is important.
- Our town is currently in need of THESE utilities: Wheat farm, Carrot Farm, Potato Farm, Melon Farm, Pumpkin Farm, Nether
Wart Farm, Sugarcane Farm, and Beetroot Farm, as well as farms for the various types of livestock.
- We intend to extend our township vertical, utilizing all of the available space as far down as we can mine. There is a
Designated area for mining downwards, we need to clear about a 4 chunk area all the way down to bedrock. This will
Obviously take time and probably a few weeks to finish. Once this area is cleared JerCoolDude and I will make more plots
To allow for the recruitment of new players, and space for the construction of our various farms.
- Please donate emeralds to the town, there will be a sell shop that will allow you to sell emeralds for a coin or two each, you
Are not required to donate but emeralds are essential to the upgrading of our town, which will allow us more space to build.
- The first members to max any of the Professions (besides Crafter) will receive special housing due to their diligence, think of
That as incentive to be awesome.
- The town is in dire need of an Engineer and Farmer whose classes are maxed, for utility and efficiency reasons.

NOTE: This thread is kept up-to-date to the best of my knowledge, but it will not always be perfect, please speak to Origen_is_sam
Regarding any incorrect or outdated information, and I will be sure to make everything right as rain! :)
If I forgot anything important let me know ;)
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