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Enlightenment [Fake Lore]

Jul 6, 2013
So I haven't seen any official lore for the legendary classes (I apologize if I simply missed them), and so I decided to write what I would make it just for the sake of passing time. I hope you like it and at the very least are not utterly appalled by this writing.

The Road to Enlightenment:

Sitting on a rock, feeling the sea breeze through his hair and listening to the waves break on the cliffs beneath him, sat a man. He had come to this cliff to meditate. It was a place that promoted calmness even through the grievances of life. The man lived in a small port city a few miles down the coast. He often made the trip in order to escape from the noise of the city's streets. The man was inquisitive, never being swept away by the thoughts of others, and instead forging a path for himself. It was on this rock that he had come to contemplate the origins of all things. After much meditation he found two constants in the universe: order and chaos. Both had seemingly infinite forms, but they rarely existed separately. It was then that he realized all things must have balance. Through fully opening himself up to the universe and its elements the man had discovered the keys to Enlightenment.

The Growing Light:

The man returned to the town that was his home. His calm demeanor starkly contrasted the frantic merchants and workers bustling down the street. He walked with a certain confidence that eventually caught the attention of the people around him. The crowd parted before him as they slowed and came to a stop. They could sense the power within the man, a power that could change the world. The man continued to walk to the docks. It was there that he kindly asked for a ship, and it was there that he received it. On the ship that he received, he sailed around the world in order to gather students and teach them of Enlightenment. Among the students there were two that stood out among them. Each had an unmatcheable zeal for life, but they were complete opposites. One always bended rules to what he saw fit, and the other enforced them to a fault. Their master struggled in vain to make them understand balance, but they could only see order or chaos in the world around them. The two fell into a conflict which consumed the other students as well as themselves. It was then that they corrupted their master's teachings in order to assert their own powers over their enemies. These corrupt paths became the paths of Order and Chaos, and although their creators had only the best intentions, the purpose of the original teachings were no longer there. Instead of promoting peace, they promoted war.

The Consuming Darkness:

After sensing the gravity of his students' betrayal, the man shunned his students. They had descended too far into darkness and their conflicts had begun to envelop the world. The man secluded himself as he let the students realize the consequences of their choices through their actions. As the years passed every one of his students fell until only the two remained. In one final battle the two met, but they were evenly matched. In the end they both fell. It was as they fell that they simultaneously realized why their master had not intervened in their conflict. The opposing forces of Order and Chaos, no matter how immensely strong either was, were evenly matched, and because of this the world had remained in perfect balance the entire time. After the man had watched the conclusion of his students' battle he wrote five tomes, each being one of six keys to true Enlightenment. Whoever obtained all six keys would choose their own path and carry out the man's legacy. With this as his final act, the man departed from that world, leaving future generations to decide its fate.