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Suggestion Druid Thoughts


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Apr 23, 2012
While at work today, I was thinking about how to get druid's suvivability up so that they actually stand a chance in PvP.

In FFXI, there are is a spell that we can kinda use as a starting tool for a decent spell/ability for a druid. And I thought of a way to work it into lore as well for druid. The spell was called Stoneskin. What this ability did was essential absorb a set amount of dmg before fading off of the character. I was thinking of giving druid this ability to be able to combat the fact they have only leather armor and only melee range ability(save for Bolt, which is at level 60, and I am still unsure of the range of this spell as I am only lvl 56). It doesn't have to be exactly like this, but it could be a passive ability where druids acquire it as 'X' level and it reduces dmg by 'Y' percent. Or something along those lines. As for lore, I was thinking: "As the druid grew to learn more about the land and it's capabilities. He found a way to combat his opponents through means of the rock. He engineered a way to engulf his whole being in a rock hard shell, giving him incredible resistance to physical and elemental dangers alike." Obviously change the name of the ability to something else, maybe canopy or something. But I think you get the idea by now. Also, instead of having it consume mana, perhaps stamina.(If umade it an ability instead of being passive)

Another ability I thought of, is to give the druid a spell that would cause the next two spells to be instant cast. (Much like the Druid's Spell from WoW 'Nature's Swiftness'). Again making it cost stamina and give it a cooldown of course.

I just pulled these from other games I played, but the point ofthe thread is to try and make druid more balanced for PvP. I enjoy the class well enough, but I hate it when i get trapped in a situation that I have to PvP in. To those saying to change my class if i want to pvp then, I say this: I shouldn't have to change my class to the same class that everyone else on the server is playing in order to be able to PvP. Cause then it really isn't Player Vs Player, it's Ping Vs Ping. "Get ready for the next round of, Who Has the Better Latency!".... That is no fun at all.
Nov 17, 2011
I like the 'Stoneskin' Ability. It may be a healer class, but it does need some way of surviving in PvP, even if it means just the ability to run away. Every class needs a way to stand in unexpected PvP.
The instant cast thing is a neat idea, but I can see that pushing them into the over powered area. An example would be combining Chant and Bolt as your 2 insta-casts. Heal 350 + Damage 284. This would just be an incredibly more powerful version of skills like DrainSoul and SoulLeech.
Feb 3, 2012
I would love to see druids get some love, even if they are balanced they way they are. A change like this would make me go back to druid so fast.

Go Druid or go home!


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Mar 28, 2012
Buxton, Maine
Yeah if you got a melee class right in your face a druid is dropped so quick, I think they do need some kind of melee protection and perhaps and other pvp skill.