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Druid Build

Aug 8, 2011
Hey I know there is another post for this but this is for myself to remember how to use it and anyone else who may want to use it.

"The Lifepicker"

Strength- 20
Constitution- 17
Endurance- 20
Agility- 0
Intellect- 20
Wisdom- 30
Charisma- 0

This build is for those who prefer to attack upfront.

This build is very good for 1v1s and can even out tank a dragoon in full iron if used correctly.

The build should be used as follows

BruteForce, Might, entangle, bolt. Attack with hoe while spamming ire until you lose 3 hearts, earthwall, spam all heals, replenish then continue in the pattern.

If mana runs low then attack, earthwall, soothe.

For max armour use it is best to use Leather chest , helmet, and leggings with iron boots. Looking for responses to this about results or improvements.