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Tier 4
Nov 25, 2012
United States
I believe that the Golden Axe damage for the DK should be lowered.

(Taken from my post in the Ninja thread)
Here is a comparison of melee classes and their damages at level 65.

LVL 65 Samurai
Diamond - 93 damage​
Gold - 103 damage​
LVL 65 Runeblade
Diamond - 83 damage​
Gold - 94 damage​

LVL 65 Paladin
Diamond - 60 damage​
Gold - 72 damage​

LVL 65 Pyromancer
Diamond - 89 damage​
Gold - 94 damage​

LVL 65 DreadKnight
Diamond - 58 damage​
Gold - 70 damage​

LVL 65 Ninja
Diamond - 111 damage​
Gold - 132 damage​

As you can see, the Dreadknight receives a very generous boost in melee damage from diamond to gold. I do not think that the damage increase is very fair. I suggest lowering their Golden Axe damage at lvl 65 by 4. This would bring their final damage with golden axes to 66, which I believe to be more balanced.

What does the rest of the team think?
Aug 17, 2012
Idaho United States
So lets liven these sub-threads a bit. I'll start with dreadknight. I think that dreadknight's warmups are a little silly. such as terror. terror has a warmup of one second, and lasts only 2.5 seconds with 0 charisma. not to mention that one of the prime effects of it (blindness) can be simply removed by optifine (which at least 50% of the server populace is using, and is increasing daily). so without blindness, the slow is all that's left. when you slow yourself heavily for 1 second, and slow them for only 2.5 seconds, its pretty much a waste of mana. which brings me to my next area.
dk's mana regen is the lowest of all the classes with a base regen of 20, and -4 wisdom base stat, leaving 16 mana regen. so with this low mana regen, you have to put allocation points into wisdom, which will take from your other stats such as intellect and strength that you need for damage, or constitution and endurance for the tankyness that they're supposed to have.
back to skills, the skill curse, is near pointless. on average players click their mouse in combat every .2-.4 seconds, or possibly even less. the minecraft tick damage for melee strikes is around .4 or .5 seconds. so with this, the 50% chance to miss, is already negated by the hardcoded minecraft damage tick invuln, leaving curse a skill that doesn't nothing except consume mana.
next, dreadaura. dreadaura's damage is a little low for it's mana cost, and it's not very reliable, being every 3 seconds. I support @malikdanab 's changes that he suggested on the suggestions forums, reduce mana cost, reduce tick damage, increase tick rate to every 1 second.
manafreeze! for 75 mana, you negate 2 mana regen ticks. for most classes, unless they have lots of wisdom, this won't give much of an advantage.

so in general, here's the changes I suggest:
mana regen: 20-->25(bring to standard)
warmups: remove or reduce to .5 seconds on terror
curse: increase to 75 or 80% OR change to allow skills to miss as well, then keep 50%
dreadaura: malik's suggestion
manafreeze: increase to 15 seconds.

so with these buffs, I suggest reducing base damage on decay and soulleech by 1.5 per tick, as most of the changes I suggested are defensive, offense would of course have to be decreased.