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Suggestion Dragoon suggestion

Sep 6, 2012
Health too low or damage is too low. I know it's supposed to have low health in exchange for mobility, but trying to fight mobs right outside of spawn is difficult.

I'm no noob to the game and know how to fight and use this new stamina system. I'm level 8 and I lose half my health to a skelly, if there are more, I'm dead. With that in mind, imagine the dungeons. I can hit and run but they just keep coming, making it impossible.

My suggestion is to raise the damage, which is currently 5.5. Keep the health where it's at.
Feb 22, 2012
Mobs are harder to kill than they were last map. That's why it seems so hard to level. Honestly, if you can't get a group going, just farm a single mob in the dungeon that you can keep knocked back.