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How To Download Herocraft's Launcher (2021)


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Mar 4, 2011
With the Beta in full swing its come to light that a lot of people are still using the outdated Technic Launcher. So if you're seeing missing textures, have squids flying through the air labeled as bees, or are just wanting a minimap or macro mod this guide is for you.

What this mod has installed for you:
1. Head over to this website and download the GD Launcher.

2. Join our Discord by clicking here

3. Click on the Frequently Asked Questions Channel

4. Download the Herocraft Remastered 2.1 zip File

5. Start GD Launcher and log in using your Minecraft account

6. Click the little + button in the GD Launcher and select ZIP File.

7. Navigate to the Zip File from Discord and Select it.

8. Wait for the install and click play.

Minecraft will most likely tell you that some mods are out of date, so slap that ignore button and don't worry about it.
Congratulations you can now easily navigate the world and use macros in combat!
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