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[Contest] Funk Day

Are you ready to get funky?

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Jul 6, 2013
I personally think I may be posting too many of these, and I'll admit the PvP tournament was not fully thought out. This one is definitely looking a bit far into the future, but it was on my mind today and my general mindset dictates that I must act swiftly.

So what's this idea of yours?:

Funk Day. A holiday celebrated by very few (Let me add this is not associated with any religion/cult) that takes place on February 29th, the funkiest day of any year. The idea for this holiday came about during a meeting of my Jazz Band when the leader started saying random funk-related terms to teach us the true meaning of funk. This lead to a lengthy discussion and many jokes which I accumulated into a holiday.

I am kind starting to want to hear your Lore for this:

On Funk Day, once every four years, Count Funkula descends from Infinite Funk in his trusted craft, the Mothership. Count Funkula is the funkiest of all the Vampires, and he was born sometime in the 1950's-1960's. He is a kind soul who abandoned his vampiristic tendency of cannabalism long ago. Instead he has chosen a new fuel source. Essence of Funk, which accumulates inside his homeland of the Infinite Funk, is derived purely from the amount of funk in this world. During his quadrennial visits to our world he spreads supergroovalistic profunksification to the people of this world and ensures that he can continue to survive for another four years. Sadly the amount of funk in the world has been drastically decreasing in the last 40 years, and so we help spread the funkiness by dressing in our funkiest and most over the top outfits on the 29th of February.

Why does this have anything to do with HC? You're kinda scaring us:

I am proposing the server celebrate this holiday with a bit of a contest. In classic Funk Day fashion it will be about designing your outfit, which in MC this would be your skin. It is a fairly simple skin-design contest, but with a truly quality prize at the end. The title of "Count" and the suffix of ", The Funk".

I don't know, I feel like someone might cheat in this. What are the rules?:

1. All skins must be made by the competitor. If it is found this is not the case then the competitor will be disqualified.
2. Pre-existing skins found on the web may be used as "framework", but the skin it was edited from must also be presented. If it is deemed too similar the competitor will be disqualified.
3. The skins will be judged by members of the event team (organizers of event) and the server's architects (artistic talent).
4. The web will be scanned by those who wish to as well as the competitors in the competition in order to assure no one is cheating.
5. If a player wishes to report another competitor they must provide a link to the website they found the skin resembling the other competitor's skin for the report to be considered.
6. The competitors must appear online in an appointed area with their skin on their character on Monday (sadly), February 29th at 8:00 PM US EST. If a player cannot appear at this time they can send in their skin and other information on a related public thread.

1. Fun competition
2. Encourages diversity and flare in player skins
3. Easy to set up since there are no structures
4. Sweet title reward

1. Difficult to judge
2. Difficult to ensure a lack of cheating

So I think this will be a fun thing for people to do in the future when the time finally comes when Funk Day roles around. I get that this is not happening for quite a long time (almost 6 months), but I had it on the mind today so I thought I would put this out there.