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Coding team app: has400


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Sep 29, 2012
1. Minecraft IGN: has400
2. Position applying for: Coding Team
3. Age: 19
4. Timezone (please use GMT if you live outside of the United States): GMT +10
5. How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 7 years
6. How long have you been on Herocraft?: 5 years
7. What is your level of Java experience?: Main language, pretty experienced.
8. Please list any previous plugin creations you may have developed.: Havent dont plugins but i'll link my github
9. Additional info you would like to tell us?:
I received dux (head of the class) at high school for software development whilst coding in java. I have also done 4 subjects related to coding at uni this year, and received HD's(High distinction) in 3 of them, programming 1(java), advanced programming (C) and web programming (HTML, JS and PHP). i also received a Distinction in software engineering being the group leader and doing ALL of the coding. I work fast and want more experience of working in a team environment where people do work unlike university groups. Currently studying Computer Science with a 3.4gpa out of 4.

https://github.com/has400?tab=repositories (not the best stuff on there, however i'm not removing them since a few years down the track it shows future employers the improvement i have made as a developer as i have explored different languages and improved past shitty practices)
Latest endeavour was coding a bot which searches twitter for giveaway -