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Suggestion Class Suggestions Part 2/5

Dec 10, 2014
Welcome to part 2/5 of class suggestions, yet again cause im bored and since a new update is coming around soon, might as well throw out some ideas that i have thought of, this time we will be focusing on a Caster class, read below for more info

Plaguebearer - Master Of Diseise
Plaguebearers are people who specalize in diseises and spreading them, their main job in life is to infect people, kind of like a cult

Passive: Infection - When you use a diseise related skill on a target, the skills effect will bounce off to another person but with a weaker version of the skill ( Skill wont bounce back and forth cause that would be busted and the bounce will happen only 2 times )

New Skills:

Flu - Infect your target with the flu, causing ( set damage ) and nausea for 5 seconds People who are infected by the paitent zero will suffer reduced damage and nausea for 3 seconds
Rabies - Infect your body with rabies, giving you increased speed but you cant heal until you are free of rabies
Gangrene - Rot the flesh of your target, causing ( set damage ) over a course of 15 seconds and can not be healed
People near paitent zero will get nauseaus from the result of the scent the rotting flesh gives off and take wither damage
Ebola - Infect the person with ebola, causing massive bleed damage, nausea, and slowness for 10s People who were infected by paitent zero will suffer from reduced bleed damage and reduced nausea for only 5s
Pestilence - You gain the powers of Pestilence, the 4th horseman of the apocolapse, you increase the power of your diseises by 15% for 15s People near you while this skill is active will suffer blindness, wither, and mana drain
Bubonic Plague - Infect your target with the Bubonic Plague, target will suffer from ( set damage ) for 10s and if killed by plague, anyone that isnt you is near the dead body will be infected with the bubonic plague with the same effects People who got infected by paitent zero will suffer from slowness, reduced damage, and nausea from the result of seeing all the boils

Sorry if this seems rush as I didnt have the time to save this work and the fact that we had to endure a 2 hour storm with the threat of a power outage made me work on this quicker, anyway this class seems to rely heavly on AoE and DOT and you can just copy paste other skills onto this class like Decay and Plague from necro and other stuff that you steal from other classes

This class was actually inspired by a role from Town Of Salem called Plaguebearer whos job is to infect all members of a town to achive the form of pestilence
then kill the entire town and win the match

Now then, better not get sick or you will meet a infectous fate
Oct 21, 2017
In some games when you reach a certain level you specialise in some kinda magic type and this would fit necromancer's skill tree .

A level 50 necro has a chance to specialise in plaguebearer skill type kinda thing .
or i dunno , something different entirely .
Oct 21, 2017
i have a caster class idea

Witch :) => deals damage to oponents by using voodoo doll
skill examples
Bind Enemy : Witch binds its enemy to the voodoo doll (only 1 enemy can be bound to voodoo doll)
if witch tries to bind another enemy the previous target will be freed .
Crush Heart : if bound enemy has less than 30% hp witch can instantly execute that target (unlimited range)
Crush Eyes : Blinds the bound enemy .
Drain Mind : Drains bound enemy's mana
Exhaust : Drains bound enemy's stamina
Replace : Switches places with bound enemy ( has unlimited range ) this is a skill perfect for raiding towns .
Curse : Witch curses the bound enemy ( Damage over time effect )
Crush Legs : bounded enemy can't move or cast skills for 4 seconds.
Unholy Bound : creates a bound with the target , if target damages the witch it takes 20% of the damage.