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Suggestion Class Suggestion Part 3/5

Dec 10, 2014
Welcome to part 3/5 of Class Suggestions and this time we will do a warrior idea I was thinking of for about a week but yea, we are doing a class idea i thought of called Stoneknight

Stoneknight - The Knight Of Earth
Stoneknights are once statues of famous warriors who became sentiant and walked away from their once permanent stance and roam the earth with their giant swords and armor of stone

New Skills:

Earth Sword - Imbue your sword with shaking ground, your melle attacks will now do ( set damage ) to both your target and anyone nearby the person you attacked
Rock Toss - You pick up 3 rocks then proceed to throw the rocks in the direction you are looking at, doing ( set damage ) if direct hit and if rock lands without hitting any enemy, it will do splash damage which if any enemy is caught in splash damage will take reduced damage
Earthquake - You slam the ground with your weapon, causing a shake in the earth doing ( set damage ) within a 10 block radius, Anyone hit by the earthquake will suffer slowness for 4s
Encase - You incase your target in a 4x4 dome of dirt, trapping them for 4s
Stone Case - Encase your body with a thick, durable stone, you take 70% less ranged damage and 25% less melle damage but you are slowed and have less stamina due to you having to use more energy to move your heavy case of armor around
Dig - You burrow in the ground and pop up in the direction you are looking at within a 6 block range, anyone within the 3 block radius upon your arival will take ( set damage ) and will be trapped in your dug up ground for 2s
Stone Chains - You convert your weapon into a stone Chain, you then proceed to spin your Chain around in a 360 rotation with a 5 block radius, anyone hit will take ( set damage ) and will take bleed damage

I had 2 other class ideas but there were problems which I will place below and reason I couldnt use it
Celestial - Noone will be happy for having a warrior class that was based off of Touhou + has traits simular to paladin
Werewolf - Moves were too simular to a old and removed class ( berserker ) and skills wernt exactly simular to a werewolf when you think of one

Anyway, next suggestion ( part 4/5 ) will be the Support suggestion

Anyway leave suggestions,nerfs,buffs,complaints ect down here and I will read what you typed
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