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Suggestion Class Suggestion Part 2.5/5

Dec 10, 2014
Before you ask " Why is this a 2.5 post " and " where is warrior and support suggestion " Yea well after reading over the Plaugebearer class i suggested, i realized it was too simular to Necromancer so I decided to make a replacement post ( will keep 2/5 post on still ) and now i introduce to you on post 2.5/5 the Cyromancer

Cyromancer - Master Of Ice

Cyromancer is a type of being who has the power to manipulate ice and how it works ( think of Elsa from that weird Frozen movie ) and can use it to attack,defend, or just annoy people

New Skills:

Ice Spear - Summon a glacial spear that travels through enemys at a 6 block range doing ( set damage ) and slowing them for 3s
Ice Barrier - Summon a half circular wall of ice infront of you, slowing anyone nearby the barrier

Snow Storm - You emit a aura of freezing winds, enemys near you will be blinded and slowed if they are near the aura
Frozen Rain - Summon a cloud where you look ( 7 block range max ) hardened ice will rain from the cloud, doing ( set damage ) then when clouds life time wears off, it will blow up, slowing anyone caught in the explosion and dealing extra damage
Snow Clones - Create 2 snow clones simular to you, if a snow clone gets hurt it will blow up in a cold gust of wind slowing the attacker and doing ( set damage )
Frostbite - Freeze your targets limb, causing damage over time, slowness, and reduced healing
Antartic Winds - You release a blast of cold and strong winds ( 5 block range ) anyone caught in the frozen winds will suffer ( set damage ) and will be knocked back
Blizzard - Erupt a storm of snowballs infront of you, dealing ( set damage ) per snowball hitting a person ( blizzard lastes for 5s and caster has slowness applyed when using Blizzard )

Reason why I decided to make a diffrent caster type is already displayed above, I have more hope in this as it has more original skills unlike the Plaguebearer caster i suggested, anyway part 3 will be released shortly after this post because I am running on 5 hours of sleep currently

Leave any suggestions,problems,nerfs, or buffs below in the comments as always, Stay Frosty!