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Suggestion [Class] Had an idea for a new rogue class...

Would this be a good edition to the Rogue Class?

  • Yes! It should be added just the way it is written!

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yes, but major balancing is needed

    Votes: 3 50.0%
  • Yes, but it needs to be put in a different class category and balanced

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No, this would not be a good addition

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Mixed feelings

    Votes: 1 16.7%

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Sep 29, 2014
So I thought of an idea for a class that might be interesting. It would specialize in stealing buffs/effects/power from other players, and gaining it for its self for a period of time. It would be a rogue type class though (not caster), focusing only on physical attacks that are close range. It would have very low defense, but would have great self-regeneration abilities and would be quick. I came up with this list of skills that it may have, but it is obviously not balanced. It is just to give an idea of the type of skills it may have. The skills marked in red are the unique for this class.

Strength 24, Constitution 6, Endurance 7, Dexterity 27, Intellect 28, Wisdom 6, Charisma 2

1. (Passive) your fists steal 2 mana and 2 stamina with each punch from your target (punching damage is around 10-12 per punch, compared to the class weapon damage (lasso) which would do around 30-35 damage)
1. You leap forward in a blink of an eye toward your target within 6 blocks, delivering a set of 10 consecutive punches, dealing 70 (+0.05 strength point) damage and knocking them back 4 (+0.015 per strength point) blocks. (200 stamina)
5. You heal yourself for 60 (+1 per intellect point) health (takes 2 seconds to warm up). (100 mana).
10. You disable your target, removing their weapon for 4 seconds. (160 mana).
15. You jump up and forward toward your target within 7 blocks, delivering a full force punch from above, dealing 30 (+0.5 per strength point) damage and interrupting its casting. (250 stamina).
20. For 4 (+0.1 per strength point) seconds, you deal an additional 33% melee damage to your target, but get fatigued after, becoming slow and nauseous for 6 seconds. (350 stamina).
25. Camouflage: you blend into the environment for 30 seconds (breaks if someone comes within a block from you), becoming invisible to everyone. (200 mana).
35. You steal 200 mana and 200 stamina from your target within 8 blocks, receiving it for your own use. Takes 2.5 seconds to warm up. (30-60 second cool down).
40. You heal yourself for (1% per level) of your health, restoring your stamina by the same amount, but giving slowness for 1.5 seconds. Takes 2.5 seconds to warm up. (350 mana).
45. For the next 8 seconds (every 2 seconds), you drain 4 points from each stat category from every player within a 5 (+0.05 per intellect point) block radius, taking it for yourself. 15 seconds after activation, you return the stolen power back, getting exhausted and receiving blindness, slowness, and nausea for 7 seconds. (500 stamina).
55. For the next 4 (+0.1 per dexterity point) seconds, you speed up to incredible speeds (Speed 4) (350 stamina).
60. You completely stop your target within 7 blocks in its spot for 1 (+0.05 per intellect point) seconds, while at the same time temporarily removing it's armor for 3 (+0.0075 per intellect point) seconds and interrupting its casting. (200 mana).

As I said before, this is unbalanced, I just wanted to provide some ideas. This class would steal effects and power, have good self-healing abilities, high speed, but very low resistance to all attacks.

Please tell me what you think!


Glowing Redstone
Aug 15, 2016
The passive is kinda pointless. If the main weapon is the lasso, who would bother punching? Either change the fists to the main weapon or change the passive to work for the lasso. Another thing, how would stealing mana/ stamina from mobs work? I like how this class uses mana and stamina, but knowing the health/mana gained per lvl and starting amounts would be nice. Also, what types of armor does it use and what are the names of the unique skills? What will the relics be?
Jan 27, 2015
It is a unique idea. When I first read this, I thought it was crazy, but then I remembered the bard, and how crazy he is compared to every other rogue... So I like the concept. I may try adding my own opinions and tweaks later :)
Jan 27, 2015
1. VoidHearted: (Passive) Whenever you melee your target, you steal 5 mana and 5 stamina.

1. FuryStrikes: You leap at your target striking them 4 times each for 50% melee damage. Stacks with passive. (200 stamina)

1. Sneak: (all rogues have this)

10. Vitalize: You replenish 80 health, 250 mana and 250 stamina over 10 seconds. Pulses every 2 seconds. (100 Mana) (100 Stamina)

15. Flying Kick: (what Monk has)

25. Disarm: (what Dragoon and Paladin has)

30. VoidBlade: You deal 60(1+strength) damage to your target, and silence them for 2.5 seconds

35. Camouflage: you blend into the environment for 30 seconds (breaks if someone comes within a block from you), becoming invisible to everyone. (200 mana).

40. CursedGrip: You stun yourself and your target for 1.5 seconds, dealing 40(1+strength) damage, stealing 100 mana and 100 stamina, and tossing the target away from you.

45. Envenom: (what ninja has)

50. ArcaneSwap: You transfer a negative effect from yourself to your target, and you steal a beneficial effect from your target onto yourself.

55. Escape Artist: (what ninjas has)

60. VoidGlimpse: You nauseate and blind your target for 5 seconds, increasing all incoming damage to the target during that time by 15% (200 mana)