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Suggestion Changes For Townships!

Aug 8, 2011
I have spent huge amounts of my time working on the new townships 3.0 system (which is awesome btw), however I have a few issues which I think need to be implemented/changed asap for it to survive long term.


Now power is something I know is being redone and I'm not 100% sure on changes so if someone knows please correct me.
With the current system towns are at no threat when it comes to power. Towns generate huge quantities of power every day and with so little ways to actually lose power it makes it a very pointless concept in the game.
An idea I've had for a while is to implement it so that when one player dies to pvp the town loses 3 power, and then the next town member to die will lose an extra 3 power making it 6, this continues to increase by 3 each time until the next day when it would be reset back to 3 power. This will give raiders a chance make an impact on towns. If this was added it will make it so towns heavily under raids will eventually lose regions for a while and make raiding not only more fun but actually worth doing.

Herocraft is a hardcore server and the pvp world is brutal, it should be survival of the fittest and if you can't combat dying by hiding, fighting or using resources to win, you will die.


I have several issues with the raiding aspect of towns. Aside from not being able to access chests and whatnot there is a far more pressing issue when it comes to raiding.
A lot of towns are being built entirely underground or within mountains, not only does this look ugly, but it makes these towns impossible to raid. A lot of pvp towns (such as dingleberry) have towns underground, and since they pvp a lot they have no threats when it comes to being raided themselves.
I would suggest that tnt could be used the same way it is used in sieges but that that the tnt will only effect the super region and not the sub-regions. This allows you to burrow down into these regions and using tnt without destroying regions such as a council room or houses.

I would suggest in future that you make it that all towns are REQUIRED to build a section of their town above ground/outside of a mountain and that they MUST have several housing buildings such as shacks within that area. That means towns can be raided and threatened more easily, and it also looks nicer and builders more accurately to rpg styled games.

I especially think this should be enforced since there is a rule stating that you're not allowed bad looking walls and roofs for towns yet these towns are surely breaking this rule using a mountain or just the surface as their walls and roof.

Trade Routes

Another issue I recently discovered was with trade routes. The issue is that soul shops have a limit of only selling 10 soul products a day and producing 500s. I believe this should be doubled to selling 20 products a day and being upped to 1000s per day.
I have two reasons for this, the first being from my own town which produces 12 soul pickaxes every day and a smithy can only sell 10 of these per day. This becomes an issue after 5 days when I now have an extra 10 soul pickaxes which I can now no longer sell.
The second issue is that if a trade route goes down between to towns, say an owner becomes inactive, then one town gains a large quantity of soul goods which are unsellable to a single town. With this small change added, it will allow towns to sell these extra products gained without effecting the market too much.

The only issue I could see coming from this would be that towns could then buy 2 shipments from two separate towns allowing them to always gain 1000s per day, however not only would this encourage all towns to have an extra town to trade with, it also allows towns with more money and products to use this to their advantage.

@cindy_k Hi, since you're doing a lot of the coding for this I'd love to hear your feedback about these ideas.
@Kainzo Since you've told me many times to use the forums for my ideas and complaints I thought you might also want to read this since I think my points are well thought out and have evidence to back them up.
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Aug 2, 2013
With the trade, 500 for each town pet trade route would be overpowered,

Correct me, but a village can have something like 10 trade routes, that is 5k a day plus tax plus regions.

I feel the trade is good currently.

Also your power changes feel like they encourage players to camp another town for hours.

I feel killing a player should be a percentage decrease, not a fixed amount.

It would allow raiders to lower a towns power, but seige would be needed to destroy.

Sorry for any mistakes, did this on my phone
Aug 8, 2011
No, you see with trade routes you can only sell 500s per day in a soulshop, that's why you couldn't have 10 trade routes and make 5000s per day. All it would allow is for a town to have a soulshop to be able to buy twice as many of the soul product. For example a town could buy twice as much soul harvest for their soul bread, and then sell 20 soul harvest a day rather than the current 10 soul harvest.

With the raiding concept I agree war should be the only way to permanently destroy a town, perhaps to add to my earlier note that when their region gets below a certain amount of power it will no longer go down without a siege cannon but the region will be taken down for say that day. You must remember that each village has 800 power and each hamlet 500, you could modify the values where it would require around 30 deaths per day just to combat the large power intake we have already.



Ashen One...
Tier 8
Jul 3, 2011
If the power loss was 2-3 and did not increase (Unless at war) then it'd be kinda ok. It would still encourage camping though.
Aug 2, 2013

You can have 3 soul generators or w/e they are called,

They gen 20 per day of final stuff(ofc you have to refine it)

So you can sell 10 to 2 towns every day

Total of 6 trade routes

Then you can sell, 3 of then for village.

Total of 9 trade routes for village, and that is only with village, town gets 5 of each stage

See why selling 20 to ond town is bad

Look at how many interactions a trade town has to keep to generate money

I feel that is a good thing, but just me.

Also about that death power thing

Make one kill equal a 5%loss of current power value up to 50 power remaining

That would mean seige Cannons would still be needed to apply that final blow to disable the town, otherwise they might as well be removed
Dec 6, 2013
" A lot of towns are being built entirely underground or within mountains, not only does this look ugly, but it makes these towns impossible to raid."

This logic is incredibly flawed and shows you lack the skills of a proper raider. This is absolutely NO different than under cities that everyone made in 2.0... The term DO YOU EVEN RAID BRO come to mind. Except this silly plugin was written by some tard that had no idea how hero craft worked.. Trust me once chests are set so anyone can open them raiding will not be a problem..


Ancient Soul
Staff member
Tier 7
Jan 17, 2011
Do raid ports work? Someone go test them. In theory, they should remove the 'I can;t get inside' thing.
Dec 31, 2011
It's possible to get into towns such as Dingleberry if lifts were available for use by the public and not just those in the town. :p

I currently am making a proper town underground but at a ground level that is considered average floor level and my town won't look like shit. :)