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Bring back Personal Residences!

Jan 2, 2014
I see that Herocraft is trying to make some changes to bring back the older feel of the world, but I haven't seen any talk about bringing back Personal Residences.

First of all, not everybody wants to join a town. Without PRs you can't own a piece of the Herocraft world which makes it far less appealing. This also causes the world to look boring and empty since there aren't near the number of structures built. The structures that DO get built are griefed since they can't be protected, and this just makes the few buildings found hideous.

Second, you have lots of players who became supporters because they wanted better PRs available. I personally feel slighted that they were removed since they made up the bulk of value for supporter tiers. Surely I'm not the only player who was frustrated and dissuaded from playing because of PR removal.

I've talked about this in the past, but it was always fun to see groups of players form their own little cities in popular areas. Aaaaaaaaaand open discussion about PRs!


Glowing Redstone
Mar 4, 2016
I second this. Specifically his first point, thats because: there used to be a rule (idk if its still there) that said you can't just randomly grief the terrain. This rule was in place so the world wasn't filled with potholes and other ugly features, because that takes out some of the immersion and makes the server less appealing. Now one thing that makes servers appealing to me is when I see signs of life that are beautiful, like personal residences. It also gives the facade of a populated server. Also, people build their pr's whever they want to because they're ungriefable. Unlike towns, which sometimes are built in hidden away or defensible areas so they dont get griefed as often (or aren't as big of a target). Because of that we never see them.