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Suggestion Bring back overworld mob distance scaling and XP

Dec 26, 2012
It's an enormous pain to walk all the way to a dungeon to do any leveling, and I personally find them to be too claustrophobic. It is difficult to justify getting on the server to put some time into leveling when the only option is to go to the enormously difficult mob arenas at spawn or take the 20 minute walk to one of the dungeons.
On top of that, the dungeon mobs are often equipped with absurd range attacks that make solo leveling as some classes pretty much impossible. Overworld mobs giving xp encourages players to actually explore the map and build around geographically good mob farming areas and lets players actually work on their builds instead of going back and forth between leveling and building. The world outside of the dungeons just feels too empty and uninviting. The server is built around the classes, so why would progressing your class be locked to a few places scattered way too far from each other around the map? It needs to be apparent as much as possible in every part of the server what the server's strengths are, and making overworld mobs not mean anything imo makes the majority of the map useless.