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ALERT Beta Patch Notes:


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Community Manager
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Aug 10, 2011

I just wanted to give you guys a small update on some of the things we have fixed on the test server that will be pushed to beta if not already...

Heroes and Professions related:
  • Black Smith - Skill Repair - only working on client-side has been fixed, it now functions server-side as well.
  • Black Smith - Skills that were missing have been added (NOTE: some are buggy and still being fixed)
  • Miner - Skills that were missing have been added.
  • Miner - Skill Light - Added andesite, granite, and dirt to blocks to be converted to glow stone.
  • Crafter - Skill Warp - has been fixed and should be functioning properly
  • Crafter - Skill Mark - has been fixed and should be functioning properly
  • Crafter - Skill Recall - has been fixed and should be functioning properly
  • ShadowKnight - Skill Soulleech - Fixed a bug where if it was cast on a creeper before it exploded it would keep you in the cast animation.
  • Crafter - Wheat seeds can now be placed rather than it saying it is restricted to farmer.
  • Wizard - Fixed Ender pearls not being able to be used even at max level.
  • Wizard - Fix ability to see Port locations either by /skill port or /skill port list
  • Cleric - Skill DevineBlessing range seemed to be very small, this has been increased.
  • Enchanter has had its enchant costs cut down by 2/3's, For example: instead of needing 64 lapis you now only need 21.
  • Farmer has been fixed and is able to plant seeds and other plants now.
  • Fixed RuptureShot description to correctly display mana and stamina drain.
  • Changed NimbleDraws skill description, added a delay/slow to activation to counteract speed-boost if the player cancels shot. Added removal of speed effect when the bow is shot.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players/entities to be targeted through blocks. Additionally, skills can now be targetted through non-collidable blocks such as water, tall-grass, sugarcane etc

  • Guardian laser - Buffed damage up a bit
  • Fixed skills not being visible underground, All skills should now work underground as designed.
  • Mobs exp should be increased for better and easier leveling.
  • Fixed people being warped to spawn when hitting the edge of the map.
  • Trade packs - Players can now equip player heads on their heads as designed.
Lots of the core backend code has had to be changed due to it being outdated with the Java version update, Most of the Heroes plugin itself has had to be revamped and recoded, that is why things are taking a lot longer than expected. Because of this, some things are restructured now, such as Item damage calculation.
Overall priorities of item damage are as follows; Item Attribute Modifier Damage > Class Damage > Global Damage > Vanilla Damage